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Philippines Photos are fun

2007-12-02 20:57:00

Philippines Photos are fun
The ugly photos of life surround me, however happy people are everywhere. There is a temptation to say all is rather hopeless around me if the Philippines people would stop laughing and smiling.

I am tempted to write some long blog post explaining some of the 100 percent nutty Americans I meet, I just do not like to write book blogs. I would have to do that for you, not for me.

Manila, Philippines - Ermita Southeast Asia
Monday, December 3, 2007
Andy of ---

This old woman wakes up later, puts a cigarette in her mouth, and all you can see is the scarf with a cigarette under her nose. However, taking pictures of people who are not sleeping is difficult; therefore, I could not take the fun one.

Hard to count, however in the Ermita, Malate, Mambini area of Manila there is maybe 40-50 people who sleep inside their bike taxis at night. I have a father, mother and baby who have set up home just outside my hotel entrance. They washed clothes the other day, and the clothes hanging on the bike was poignant and touching. I have to admit, babies sleeping in the streets is not easy to endure.

I was going to say, what the world needs is more jobs, this is silly here, what the Philippines people needs to do is stop having babies long enough to have the numerous jobs catch up with population density. A person told me a funny comment, making love is in the DNA of Philippines people; love is running rampant in this country, then a surplus of people.

I suppose this is the half-empty glass or half-full glass analogy chart. Norway is number one on the Human Development Index, and the USA is 10 or so, I just cannot get up the energy to say that Norwegians are happier people than Philippines. I would say USA could be happier if they stopped watching the News on TV, and looked around to all the good fortune they have.

Philippines people are a happy lot, they just laugh and joke continually, I was trying not to smile as the cashier girl at 7-11 convenience store is singing a Christmas Carol song as she took my money, then I walk out the door and a man wants me to buy Viagra or Coins. I feel, gee stand a little farther away please, I do not want you too close to me, or touching me, a roller coaster of feeling to go buy a bag of chips.

Philippines Photos are fun