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Paul Theroux is not a Misanthropist

Paul Theroux is not a Misanthropist
A misanthropist is a person who dislikes or distrusts humanity as a general rule

I do not think Paul Theroux is a misanthropist.
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Monday, December 24, 2007
Andy of ---

Paul Theroux is maybe not a travel writer, I think there is a huge difference between a Travel Writer and a person that writes Travelogues.

I would say he writes travelogues, and I do not wish to insult him by calling him a travel writer. I do think he know the shadow a little too well, and should not be allow to play with sharp objects or left alone too much.

I was introduced to the word Misanthropist as I was reading a book review about this man on the internet, and the word stuck, I cannot remember how to spell and continually need to look it up in the dictionary, however I do not think I am a misanthropist.

The person called Paul Theroux a misanthropist in the book review. Maybe best to say he is grumpy, I can be very grumpy, but I also will open the door.

Misanthropist like to travel, they want complete control over who enters their world. I enjoy this aspect of travel, it is a very simple process to remove a person from my life forever. I also know it is very easy for people to remove me from their life forever.

I think misanthropist avoid people, they love caller ID on the telephone, do not answer the door, hate spam, etc, sort of control freaks. The get very angry at wrong number telephone calls or at spam, hard to work up anger for a spammer, like throwing rocks at the wind.

I think an open door policy in life is great, open the door, then I needed to learn how to enforce a three strikes and your out policy, and do not look back. I remember a time, in my fit of no-sharp-objects close, or do not go to the fourth floor because you like to look out the window time. Well, I remember that happiness is earned not by avoiding people, however by stopping the misery, or closing the door on the sadness. I must open the door to be happy, however somehow push out the bad. I do not say to myself, this will not happen again, I say this person, this specific person will not happen again, hard to generalize and politically correct speech is for idiots, I think they call this segregation in the mental hospital.

Being happy is easy, when you learn to say no, but not avoid, keep the door open.

Sometimes people close the door to all things, they put on filters, have everything going to the bulk box and never thought, I also filtered out my friends and my happiness. I can almost tell you, almost guarantee, if I hear one of my friends say to me, I am too busy, they are on the short list of friends to get rid of, what is the point. They cry wolf so many times there is no reason to make contact, it annoying to continue.

Paul Theroux gives to the world with no good reasons, take him or leave him, he is honest, frank, and depressing at times. I for sure would not want to read his books every day.

I think his writing bridges on depression and suicide, however I trust what he writes is true, therefore I continue to read. I trust James Michener, I do not feel like he is trying to mislead me, I so often ask people, do you trust this person. The do a pause, I say ok, why go on, when I hear the pause, I know the answer.

So, I would say Paul Theroux seems to open doors, not close them, a misanthropist does not open doors, they close them. I think Paul opens doors, and walk through doors, or allow me to enter, I continue to believe an un-locked door is best. A locked door keeps the nature in or out, and sometimes the nature needs to be shoved out so the good nature can enter.

Misanthropy is a general dislike, distrust, or hatred of the human species, or a disposition to dislike and/or distrust other people. The term is also applicable to those who self-exile themselves or become loners because of the aforementioned feelings. … A misanthrope or misanthropist is a person who dislikes or distrusts humanity as a general rule.

Paul Theroux is not a Misanthropist