One Solution to Air Conditioned Room Fogging Camera Lens

One Solution to Air Conditioned Room Fogging Camera Lens
Condensation forms on lens of a camera when you leave an air conditioned cool room and enter the normal warm air in Tropical climates. I spend about 95 percent of my life in the Tropics because I do not like the cold and snow.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Saturday, December 29, 2007
Andy of ---

I used to live in five dollars per day hotel rooms, and I now live on about 10-15 dollars per day rooms. With this room, I normally get air conditioning, color TV, cable and possibly a remote that works.

It also gives me a long list of other problems I did not have before my new lifestyle change. I would rather have a fan room, however the noise of the fan, and how it dries my eyes is starting to wear on my nerves. I now do interviews of rooms for noise levels.

I take my cold camera outside the room and for about 30 minutes to 1 hour, the lens fogs over, thereby distorting the photos.

I think the default solution is traveler carry their cameras around in their hand until they find a photo. The camera rapidly acclimates and the problem is solved.

I do not search for photos, when I see a photo, I take the picture. Therefore my camera is in the bag, insulated by the bag, and the time it takes to warm up is more. The big problem is when I am in my room and something suddenly occurs outside my room, whereby I need to use my camera now. My new solution is this, I leave the Air Conditioning on, hope I have a screen, open the windows and hang the bag facing the outside world and air. If I really want to be safe, I am also turning on my light bulb and allowing the heat of a lit light to heat the camera while hanging in the normal air.

To understand this problem, you need to read about condensation; however, this is more of simple solution.

Photos of the bag hanging in the window, I have the flap unzipped and open, I also want the bag to warm up and not have humidity inside the bag.

I have closed the window, effectively having the bag outside the room, but not really, I have to be careful and check if anyone can open the window and steal the camers. S.O.P., nothing new.

I purchased this hook, and tied on string.

One Solution to Air Conditioning Fogging Camera Lens

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