Number 1 and 2 Padlock Hasp Sliders

2007-12-20 04:16:00

Number 1 and 2 Padlock Hasp Sliders
The best two zipper pulls for a backpack I can find on the planet, and still I have not been able to buy them. I want to make backpacks, probably the first run of 100 in Quezon City, Philippines; I am stymied to find the clear and present path to the factory.
Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Thursday, December 20, 2007
Andy of ---

I call this the Israeli Slider or the Israeli Padlock Slider, some company called Vision maybe makes it, I am not sure, and I named it the Israeli Slider because that is where I saw it, on some Lowe Alpine Bag, never to be seen again. A Canadian who purchased a bag from that the Mountain Equipment Coop. then I took this photo in Israel, ergo the name. It may be called a Hasp Slider, or Hasp Padlock Slider, whatever the case, it is hiding from me.

Canada Mountain Equipment Coop

I blogged about this many times.
Hasp Padlock Slider

I visited this company in Salon Ohio, and they seem to sell something, the problem is minimum orders and price. I need to go right to the factory I think or at least get about 20 samples before I purchase.
Ohio Travel Bag Hasp Padlock Slider

Number 2 best slider I have seen on the planet:
I call this the Philippines Padlock Slider or the Robinson Mall Slider in the Malate Ermita Area of Manila, Philippines, I took this photo of a slider on a bag made by Holiday or a.k.a as Concord.

I think the next step is to find a zipper slider manufacture here in Asia and go knock on their door. is a hope, and I submitted the number one to the vendors, and got back a couple of years ago. Send us a sample, I thought, if I had a sample, I would know already where to buy.

I am high-speed internet and armed with Skype, there is more hope than in my sojourns in Africa where I leave the West Behind or is this the East.

Backpack Formula

Design +
Backpack Maker +
Raw Materials equals bag

I have the design, maker and all I need is the raw materials and I have something called a bag, I am predatory after the windmill.

Number 1 and 2 Padlock Hasp Sliders

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