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Make a Motorcycle Side Cart

Make a Motorcycle Side Cart
Video showing a cart that is connected to an ordinary motorcycle, a person can watch this video and get a great idea on how to build. This video is for Ghana, Togo, Benin and all them other West Africa Countries that do not utilize the potential of motorcycle.
Philippines - Southeast Asia
Saturday, December 15, 2007
Andy of ---
A motorcycle side cart used to haul goods in the Philippines.

The one man said it cost about 20,000 pesos to make, my bet is about 200 U.S. dollars on the high side, labor is 5 dollars per day.

Trying to show how the cart is connected to the motorcycle.

When I was in West Africa, it kept striking me funny, why do these people not have sidecars or side carts? Sometimes the government stops good ideas, I do not know. However, if they wanted a good look at a Motorcycle sidecar, this link would give you a good look. I kept thinking, I need to give these people a good look at what other countries are doing.

To see the video, click on this link:
31 Meg for about 4 Minute video, top quality.
Make a Motorcycle Side Cart

Make a Motorcycle Side Cart