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Kyrgyzstan or West Africa

Kyrgyzstan or West Africa
Spring is after Christmas and Europe is a very cold place, about the same as Canada and not the same as the USA. I really do not like Europe, however if the timing is right, I try to get close to Europe. When the timing is right. I may plan or could plan to go Kyrgyzstan, and I will and can call it Europe, or I can go to England and go south to West Africa, some ideas flopped on the table.

March and April, I think that is spring and after Christmas and some idea on the table, some maps, some plans.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007
Andy of ---

There is this mountain range between Europe and Asia that is the line; I guess I would need to study to know where Kyrgyzstan is located. As I understand this, the Stan Brother by the name of Kyrgyzstan allows me to get a Visa on Arrival and is one of the best entry countries to start a trip to see the Stan Brothers.

I sometimes think of Finland and Norway, however think I need to go with a 300-500 US Dollar per day budget to enjoy, probably in Christmas yet to come.

Flying to England or Spain, going south to Portugal and taking a very fast train past Morocco sounds like a winner also, or to German and go south.

March, April, May, not important, but I am thinking.

Kyrgyzstan or West Africa