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It is Work to Travel in Philippines

It is Work to Travel in Philippines
It is three times more complicated to travel in the Philippine than the normal country. Tomorrow I travel to a city north of Mariveles, Philippines, and I hope life is easy...

Quezon City, Philippines - Southeast Asia
Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Andy of ---
I keep trying to put my finger on it, I think what happens is everything seems simple, they speak good English, everything should be easy, however it never is simple. Every set of plans seems to always have a but on the end, it was supposed to go along this way, and it went that way, all was ok, but...

In many ways, I can fly to another country and I can see the path, and I just cannot see the paths in the Philippines.

I really do not know what happens, however it happens.

It is Work to Travel in Philippines