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Is a Perfect Backpack Possible

2007-12-08 02:51:00

Is a Perfect Backpack Possible
Rodney challenge me today, saying maybe should use the word,
- Excellent. -

I said,
- No, this is an excuse to say good enough. -

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Saturday, December 8, 2007
Andy of ---

More or less the idea of perfection is an only accomplished as a goal that gets continually closer. I am only happy when I trust a person is continually improving, when they stop, I would say they do not want perfection. is a work in progress, it continually is better; it is that which all others follow.

I did an introspective moment a couple of years ago, thinking to myself, what do I want in the perfect backpack.

If the bag was destroyed, I would like a second one ready to be sent to me anywhere on the planet. This is closer to perfect.

Somewhere in this, I know when I accept that perfection is not possible, then I believe imperfect is real, and perfection is not. The intention is to create perfection.

Is a Perfect Backpack Possible