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I do Not Like Your Home

I do Not Like Your Home
To complain about a Hotel is the tantamount to saying to the owner or manager,
- I do not like your home. -

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Sunday, December 23, 2007
Andy of ---

To complain more than two times is almost saying,
- You are not doing your job. -

I normally do not complain more than two times, I move out, vote with my feet, for me to complain over two times is silly. I know,
- I can change my pants, I cannot change people. -

However, moving is not always needed or wanted, there are often great reasons to stay in a hotel other than problems.

Maintenances problems in Hotels are normally solved immediately, usually within the next hour, sometimes during the next day, if not, then normally they are forgotten and never fixed. I have very little faith in the ability of owners or managers to solve problems. They more or less seem to hope the person moves out and they can pass the problem on, or just forget.

The best solution is to move rooms until you find a room that works, then never recommend the hotel and always request the good room. I was explaining this in Manila

Alternatively, here is a whole bunch of post on how to choose a room. When choosing a room, when you finally like a hotel, then what happens is you should, must, you are crazy not to become friends with a the managers, staff, receptionist and maintenance people.
Normally I fix all the maintenance problems in a room, because I have better maintenance skills than the staff, owner, manager or anybody in the hotel. Many time the mainenance person is competant and the reception person is not or manager, or somebody.

However, there are some problems that get out of control, I presently have told the manager, staff, talked, browbeat, etc about the room I am in now. I moved to another room, which is better in a way, however only a single bed, this room has has a double.
( I asked specifically about the thermostat here, and they said it was fixed, I think she really believes it was.)

The Thermostat in the room does not work, the air conditioner works excellent, I mean it is perfect, and it works so good I am living in a refrigerator. The normal problem is the air conditioner needs re-chargeded with Freon or other new gases, so in those types of rooms I move out, often about 80 percent of time the window air conditioners is too loud to tolerate. This room AC is great, just need to replace the thermostat or wake up in the night freezing.

I have a great air conditioner and the thermostat doe not work. I now have the window opens as wide as possible, have the air conditioner down as lost as possible and it is semi-ok, but still I need another blanket to stay warm at night and not wake up freezing.

I guess that is the solution, I will steal large towel that is a blanket, ore maybe two. This is funny; I will seize one from the hallway.

The next alternative is for me to change the thermostat myself, this is not a complicated task. I was talking conspiring with my Thai girl, she said,
- I will distract, we open an empty room, take the thermostat off and change.-
I said,
- I have tested all those rooms, the other thermostats do not work there or other huge problems.
What about that room.
- Bugs -

I can take the faceplate off and see if I can purchase the exact same thermostat, change it out and I am in business.

I remember in the Friendly Guesthouse in Manila, I purchased cleaning supplies and cleaned the common toilet, mold was growing on the curtains, I was trying to buy a curtain. The management just never cleaned. As best I can tell the place has turned completely too G-friendly and no longer for normal men, so not a good place for me.

I do not mind paying, working or cleaning up my home, I do not like to tell the managers they are not up to snuff. I have not found any hotel under say 100 dollars per night that was up snuff on maintenance, and the majority is dumps. Better to change hotels or do it myself, laughing at Craig in Peru, he was making a screen to put on the window of the house in Peru. I wrote, careful you are telling the family they do not live up to snuff.

The cost of me doing maintenance is nothing compared to what it cost to move to a 100 dollar per night hotel.

I am not sure, I think in this hotel there are maybe 3 rooms that will work, I need to make a list of the acceptable room numbers in Hotels and file away.

211 in Stone House in Manila, Philippines
223 in Yasmin Apartelle in Manila, Philippines
4 in Relais de Plateau in Atakpame, Togo

I really need to make this list, as the hotels just never learn; I would rather have three maintenance people and painter. I have yet to move out for a cleaning person, but maintenance is a regular reason…

I find it hard to recommend hotels, I am now recommending managers and room numbers. I have no way to recommend all the rooms of a hotel, this would be like saying, go live in the room with the bugs and air conditioning problems. I suppose I can recommend the really 2 dollar rooms and normally nobody complains, they got what they paid for.

I do Not Like Your Home