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Hotel Purgatory

Hotel Purgatory
The time from Checkout until the plane leaves is Hotel Purgatory. I will be spit out of this Hotel at 12 noon, and what am I supposed to do?

I leave Manila and go to Bangkok tonight.

Philippines - Southeast Asia
Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Andy of ---

Hotels, Taxi Drivers and Ants

That Concierge in Lonely Women is and was jerk, do not let his too faced approach convince you other.

I am not happy Tom Hanks wants to glorify Ants, the scourge of my life, in the Movie the Ant Bully. Thanks Tom, now every Politically Correct nutcase on the planet will complain when I plot to kill ants.

The Movie Taxi with Robert DeNiro is best.

I keep thinking, one of these days, a Hotel will give more than it takes, anyway I do it, the less I pay for a room, the happier I am, the more I pay, and the more I know I got screwed.

The Hotels in Philippines are some of the worst values on the planet, a getting worst, not better.

I keep waiting for the one receptionist who speak accepatable English to arrive to work, to see if I can arrange a deal to hide my bag. I found 100 for one hour overstay, and full day if after 1:00 is due. I am looking forward to the Thailand Hotels and the Food.

Daily it become harder to ignore the sleaze here in the Philippines. I was staying in the BF Homes in Quezon City, and my gut says, God took the first train out, felt as if there was no soul.

Hotel Purgatory