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Group Dicount Rates for Thailand Hotels

2007-12-31 20:01:00

Group Dicount Rates for Thailand Hotels
Five Star Hotels, do they give discounts for groups? It seems rather ridiculous to give a large group a discount on hotel rooms. There is a large group of people who entered the hotel.
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Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---
Exclusive, Five Star Hotel or a Five Star Resort, I have traveled enough to know, groups cause problems. A group of Americans, a group of Swiss, a group of any culture the planet and you have the formula and ingredients for trouble.

A married couple with no children and probably no troubles, I like when this is the formula living next door.

If I was a Five Star Traveler, I think I would look for hotels that do not allow groups, or give groups discounts, or encourage any of this silly behavior.

If I was the owner of a run-down, 50 percent vacancy rate hotel, I think I would want groups, because I need them, business is bad. I think a groups should pay more and only be allowed to rent whole floors.

Nevertheless, I am not a Five Star Hotel person and for the most part, I close to never have to deal with this type of preposterous hotel problem.

I am always curious, why the more people pay, often the hotel is worst.

I tend to believe the future of exclusive Five Star Hotels is for the under 40 room sector.

Group Dicount Rates for Thailand Hotels

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