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Getting your Book Published is Easy

Getting your Book Published is Easy
A person does not need to get accepted by a publisher now to write a book. There are POD Books, nowadays you pay between 500 and 2000 and you have a book.
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Saturday, December 22, 2007
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I just feel a need to say this, I researched this for months a few years and in the last few weeks people keep talking about writing books.

Not easy to write one, but the publishing part is getting easy. If you are good on a computer and can type the book, you probably can work through the process. As best I can estimate, a person can publish their own book, and can get listed in and sold all the other book.

More or less you write the book and with the new world of computers, a computer file is made, and this big machine can take the file, and print it out as one book. POD Print on Demand

The big publishers wait until you boom the book, and when you are big enough, they may sign you up… More or less, when you prove the book will sell, then they will help.

More or less I think they wait until you are famous already before the bet on you, I have never written a book, however if and when I do, I think I will just pay about 1000 dollars and publish it.

The number one printer seems to be:

Wiki Explains well
Print on Demand

I collected some information:
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Getting your Book Published is Easy