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Filipinos Overseas Workers

2007-12-14 21:16:00

Filipinos Overseas Workers
Sailors, Hotel Workers, Nurses, the Philippines is mined as a cheap source of labor for the world. I had an intriguing conversation with two men, one from England and the other from France who are here in Manila working to find these Filipino Overseas Workers.

Philippines - Southeast Asia
Friday, December 14, 2007
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A person working as a receptionist, a clerk in the clothing store, a construction worker, etc. will make less than 10 dollars per day, and often less than 5 dollars here in the Philippines.

Philippines people speak better than normal English, are quick to smile, often a playful, happy go lucky bunch, the formula for a good worker is here somewhere.

A person who Speaks English can get a job anywhere on the planet. Citizens from the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand demand 80,000 to 300,000 US to go work overseas. While pay of 10-30,000 U.S. can easily convince a person from the Philippines to leave their home countries.

The Chinese people were used to construct the railway across the Western states of the USA, this is not a new idea.

Filipinos Overseas Workers