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Drinking Water in Philippines

2007-12-06 16:47:00

Drinking Water in Philippines
People buy water to drink in this housing development in Quezon, City, in the country of the Philippines.

Manila, Philippines - Quezon City Southeast Asia
Friday, December 7, 2007
Andy of ---

I drink the water in all countries.

If the management and staff of my hotel drink the water.
- I drink the water.

If the poor people do not drink the water.
- I do not drink the water.

If I am in a convenience store and the average people comes in and buys a bottle of water, or these same people area walking around with a bottle of water in their hands, I will try to buy water.

Ok, I assume I drink the water in all countries; therefore, I drink the water in all countries. I truly believe it is impossible not drink the water of a country. They wash dishes, ice cubes, restaurants, etc, I am 100 percent sure I consume the normal tap water in all countries.

However, if there is bottled water around and it is cheap, I drink the bottled water. Cheap Water is about 25 Cents US per Liter Bottle, one dollar is not cheap. The water is not cheap in the Philippines in the 7-11 or Mini Mart.

The big five-gallon bottles are maybe cheap.

Cheap Water and health of the country improves, there is some percentage of water we drink that is a factor. For example, if I drink 100 percent faucet water this is not as good as to drink 10 percent faucet and 90 percent bottle. I think the body becomes supersaturated with water and the nasty stuff in the water comes out of the body in colorations on cheeks. When I see nasty colors, or zits, pimple or other skin problems, I try to access if the sewer water is leeching into the water supplies.

The Philippines has many skin problems, more than the normal country, but the population density is wildly high compared to most also.

The weird part is the normal people in the Malate Area drank the tap water, and the people in this expensive housing area in Quezon City where I now live do not.

Drink Water is normally a countrywide phenomenon. This may very well be a rich and poor country more than I understood. I do not see anyone in this area drinking the water. I will walk around the Ever Tesco Mall today and see if they drink the water.

Rich People seem to believe they have to drink bottle water, so Rich People are not a good thing to observe on any culture or brains aspect. Rich people buy many things that are just ridiculous and are prone to all the fads, trends, and snake oil salesmen. I more or less look for normal person, the receptionist in the hotel is normally a good persons lead to follow.

The receptionist in my Hotels in Malate area drank the water.

Drinking the water will not kill you; however, it may supersaturate your body over a long period of time with a lot of junk. How something entered you body to kill you is not clear, personally I am wagering it the food you eat, not the water from the tap. If it was the water the whole country would be dropping over dead, but one restaurant can have a problem.

The safe thing to do on a two week vacation is not drink the water, but a two week water budget will not kill you either.

Drinking Water in Philippines