Christmas In Thailand

Christmas In Thailand
There are no Scrooges on the planet earth; I find that all countries and all religions like Holidays.
Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Tuesday, December 25, 2007
Andy of ---

It is Christmas morning here in Bangkok, Thailand.

Merry Christmas or I hope your sock is out and ready to go.

A Thailand friend inquired,
- Do I put sock out today, or on Christmas Eve? -
I said,
- Not too late, but the time was Christmas Eve. -

I asked,
- Are the stores open today on Christmas? -
She says,
- You buy me gift. -

I said,
- It is amazing to me how when there is a Holiday, any Holiday, it does not matter, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Islam, Legal, all the world uses the excuse to go on holiday and close all the stores or stop doing business. -

Islamic people do not work often on Friday and Sunday, using both days as days off.

Whatever the case, I think, and recommend, every person on the planet use every excuse possible to not work. When they work, I want them to work hard, be effective and get it done. However, some countries like the USA need to Walk Slow as Wade says, and not try to be too busy.

There is no glory in work, the best world is a world with enough money to buy a few toys, enjoy life and give time. The best gift a you can give me is some time.

I will never forget Joe Joe in the mud trenches of a concrete site, and I asked,
- How can you afford to have 12 children? -

He said,
- It does not require money, it requires time.

Time is the gift to give, spend some time listening. I talk or write about my Mother and Father, sisters, brother, and other friends. I want to always try my best to give them time, allot what is needed and more, and let them know I vote for them. I will not say to them, I am too busy, and translate to them, in their eyes, you are not important.

I do not want them to die, and say to myself, I did not give them enough time.

Any excuse to not work is good, but the best one is I need to go talk with my friends and family.

Merry Christmas, it must be 85 degrees here, hehehe Sunny and nice,

Andy of in Bangkok, Thailand
Christmas 2007

Christmas In Thailand