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Chuck Thompson wrote a book, a man Jason sent me a burp, maybe this is blurp, I blogged it, Smile When Your Lying Then Jason sends me a the real paper book… Thank You, however, wish this guy Chuck had signed it so when I go trade it with Travis, Bob or Jeroen and say goodbye as a real travelers do with books. Maybe for a signed book, they would trade two for one. Books are too heavy and we do take them home, we do not have a home, we are at home already, we are traveling.
Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Friday, December 21, 2007
Andy of ---

He admits he was involved in travel writing,
“Trips taken largely written about, to create stories where none existed before.” Page 3

“Smile when you’re lying.”

Chuck Thompson hovers he does not sit, and the pain, possibly pressure, binging on rage has forced him to the toilet, a.k.a restroom in the USA. I think Chuck is trying to sit down with this book, enough of the hover crap, real men do not hover or lie and the pressure has built up over the years. I think he needed to find a squat toilet to expunge these stories, and now he has told them. The story about Shanghai Bob, asking the question, do you want to find a sleazier place was what travel stories are all about.

I think this is how this book should be rated, according to how many days it may takes you to read.

- Two Day book if you are a wanna be travel writer.

- Three or Four Day if you do read travel writing. However, be careful, his writing pendulum has swung towards the bad boy style. I am always told to read this internet page, however I just cannot do so more than one or two page, then click away, however what I have read from Chuck could go here as he tells it in not-for-prime-time language.

- It will take a week or two if you do not read non-fiction and do not like travel books.

It took me four days, and that was pretty fast, I liked the book, there is some real funny travel quotes collected here. Chuck has read them all, and has recall memory, he can tell all the good one liners of travel. I fell over laughing when I read,

“Thais are the nicest people money can buy.” Page 14

I disagree, it is the Philippines, but nonetheless both are in the running for short-term rentals, or long-term take away. (Carry-out in America)

Notice how many travel writers start their theme paragraphs with a quote, I think it is a great way to stop hate mail, blame it on the quote, I did not say that, it was a quote.

I had to think, am I a person who does not like travel books, or travel magazine? Chuck says his goal or their goal of publishing the Travelocity Magazine, that is now defunct was, to,
“A travel magazine for people who didn’t like travel Magazine.” Page 184

I have to admit, I had no opinion on travel magazines, I cannot say I like or do not like, I just cannot be bothered to read them, so no way to form an opinion
I liked the book, it is a good read, and the four small stories toward the end of the book, wel, … I want to borrow, steal, and pay no tribute, put on my site. There are four stories, and after your read, he instructs you to pick. Choose which story is matched with which country, was it a German, French, India, or American person in the story? This is classic and clarifies in a way that only a professional writer does. Chuck know all the go-Pro toys, and uses them all, he has not forgotten the tradecraft. Writer or Traveler?

I have to ask myself, is Chuck Thompson a Traveler or a Tourist? Is he a Tourist Travel Writer or a Traveller or is it Traveler… Travel Writer?
Are you a Traveler or a Tourist?

If you want to learn how to be a travel writer, this book will tell you what the travel industry wants you to write, Chuck makes fun, sarcastically tries to destroys, but by saying what is bad, he tells you how to write for this industry. Personally to be called a Travel Writer is an insult, on the other hand, I also travel and I write about it.

I am now waiting for his next book, I have to request Chuck, now you are a tell all, stop hovering person, I hope your stay off the Travel Industry Nipple. Now, I think the wanna be Travel Writers, not me, (it is an insult) however, there are people on planet who want to know, if it is possible, can a person make money without lying, and in your opinion how does a wanna be do it?

This book is after you stopped lying, cold turkey, no 12-step programs, however I am sure still with a publisher or two in your pocket. Give up the map, tell us the path, share as a traveler would share.

Note, in the fashion of a true traveler, I will scrounge around for your next book on Khao San Road and buy a used copy, trade for it, or again beg to be sent a free one. Next time, sign it.

If I was the Professor of Travel, I would say,
Chuck go write three books.

1. Your rant and rave and the Shanghai Bob type stories that you have been aching to tell.

2. One on how to not write and how to write, this is the one where you outline why you smiled or are not smiling, and how to lie or not lie, up to you.

3. Then your Secret History to avoid hate mail, pretend it is fiction, then tell all, and we will pretend it was not true.

As a side note, to prove you ditched the lying smiler nipple, you have to go after Conde Nast, National Geographic because complaining about Lonely Planet is Cliché.

Then go travel for hmm, I think minimal of 3 years continuously, and remember, teaching English in Japan is not traveling, it is living in Japan. This book is five times better than Michael Crichton book Travel and I read anything he writes, and wish Michael had not written that book. Why does everyone think they travel, and what qualifies them to know how to travel.

Thanks, Andy the in real time, on Khao San Road, the Center of the Backpacker Universe.