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Bad Genetics

2007-12-03 21:48:00

Bad Genetics
People are not created equal; some have better brains and bodies than others. I get angry when a skinny person tells me I eat too much, therefore I am fat. I think, my DNA, and genetics gave me brains, what happened to you.. oops.

Manila, Philippines - Ermita Southeast Asia
Tuesday, December 4, 2007
Andy of ---

There are some stupid opinions on the planet; one opinion is that Americans somehow are stupid for eating McDonald’s food and getting fat. I have done this long enough to know, this is some penis envy thing of Europeans as an attempt to say they are smarter, or maybe have more will power.

This is truly a Michael Moore way of thinking.

I said,
- I think about food 24 hours per day, I have to resist the temptation to eat 24 hours per day. -

Maybe this is some Alpha Male, predatory characteristic, which makes sure I survive, continually hunting, while others stop.

It is hard to believe that people can believe that Asian people are small because of genetics, and they cannot accept that they are also smaller and less fat because of the same DNA groupings.

Europeans and Americans are for the most part the same, the big difference is Europeans must walk about 10 times more than American and impossible to avoid. The roads are too small to accommodate cars, they must walk.

There are some genetically large differences between tribes of the planet.

I have either good or bad genetics, according to the situation, however this annoying set of genes my parents gave me is my bodies desire to get fat. I obsessively think about my desire to be thin daily, I have played so many mental games with myself, I sometime just give up and eat. I ate too much in Thailand and now I am eating less in Manila, trying to get the man in the mirror to look smaller.

I cannot control my daily variables, the situations that happen daily are never the same, I cannot just run, the streets of Manila are nuts, I cannot eat salads; they just do not sell Salads in Ghana.

One thing I have learned to trust, if you tell me,
- You love to eat. -
I believe you.

Although if you also live and do something, I also believe you. A person is what they do, not what they say or do not say.

An example of this is when I hear a person say,
- I am a travel writer. -

I ask, where are you? They will write and say, I am at work, in my office in the USA.

I think, you are a writer, I not sure about the travel thing. A person does do what they are in life, and I should trust them.

All this because I know if I walk towards food today, I want to get fat, or not lose weight.

The am working on some complicated travel problems here in Manila, or the Malate, Emita, Mabina area of Manila, Philippines. I am becoming increasingly annoyed with this area of Manila, and I am trying to know why, I find I hide in my room, watching TV and do not leave. When a person arrives at their travel destination and they do not want to leave the room, this is not a good sign. We do what we want to do in life, and we are what we do.

Bad Genetics