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A Philippines Backpack

2007-12-03 21:20:00

A Philippines Backpack
'Look, your worship,' said Sancho. 'What we see there are not giants but windmills,

From Don Quixote
By Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Manila, Philippines - Ermita Southeast Asia
Tuesday, December 4, 2007
Andy of ---

I met a Philippines man yesterday who has a room full of sewing machines used to make backpacks.

My friend Gary says or alludes that I am chasing my Windmills when I start talking about Backpacks.

I have made over 11 examples of what I hoped to be the perfect backpacks; I have gone to many countries chasing my Dream.

Katmandu, Nepal
Saigon, Vietnam
Cusco, Peru
Bandung, Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia
Hong Kong
Panajachel, Guatemala
Toledo, Ohio USA
Hampi, Indian
Subic Bay, Philippines

I went to Quezon, City Philippines yesterday chasing the Giant.

Hope, I find myself lying here in bed afraid to think about this project, this long-term project of mine to make the perfect travelers backpack.

Gary also said something to me saying you cannot beat a man that will not quit.

There is a price to pay when you go chasing dreams, I have to ask myself today, am I willing to cough up the price, do I have the energy, the will, the motivations to pay the price.

I will reach into my pockets today, do I have enough time and love to devote to this dream, can I forgive and forget pas failures, can I overlook all the past frustrations and angers and chase a dream.

This is an idea so simple you think stupid.

I am trying to draw the perfect circle.

I want to make a backpack for a person that needs a backpack, I want to make a backpack that I can sell and never give any excuses. I do not wish to say, I am sorry, there is a problem, a backpack I would be so proud of I could say, this is a backpack a true traveler would use.

I need a backpack, when you meet the women of your dreams; you had better marry her today, not tomorrow.

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A Philippines Backpack