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10 Ways to Pay for the Girl

2007-12-25 02:31:00

10 Ways to Pay for the Girl
The worst curse in life is to make more money than your friends, family or business associates.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Tuesday, December 25, 2007
Andy of ---

Your first impression of this is wrong, but just by a flip of the coin.

I have many friends on this planet, and often, no the majority of time, I make about 10-30 times more money per day than my friends. I remember in the USA, I was making about four times more than one of my best friend.

I do not want my friends to feel poor, and I do not want them to think I am rich, I want them to be my friend, rich or poor. I needed a way to keep these differences left unsaid.

Envy, greedy, and ugly souls need avoided, however there are many friends who just do not have the same amount of money. I have this Thailand girl who is one of my best friends, I work maybe two hours per day and the girl works about 10-12 hours per day. Amazing a person with that much education can earn so much less than me, but is the real world, not the USA.

The first year or two I knew this girl she refused to allow me to pay anything, it was annoying, she speaks Thai, she was paying for my meals, often maneuvered me into situations. She for sure paid more than me, she said,
- I will never allow you to think you paid for me. -

The more I know Thailand the more I respect her for this.

Ok, relax, times goes on, she finally understands that I do not use money as a way to buy friendship, and for me money is not important. How can money be important, hot water and coffee in the morning are my luxuries of life, sometimes cashews or ice cream.

I have worked out some we-never-talk-about ways over time to load her up with extra money, so she does not go broke trying to be my friend. It is amazing how often it cost a person a whole days wages to take a taxi from A to Z.

10 Ways to Pay for the Girl
These all work on the premise that I give a 10 when I have 1 dollar in my pocket. These are mix and match collection of ideas, I have used these idea with many friends over my ten years of travel.

1. Taxi money

2. Gifts, something she can sell

3. Big money and small money. Always pay with big money, so the change is lost in the shuffle. I also always have small change, so she can grab for a bus, or something small.

4. Have her buy something to bring back later, not now, and she keeps the change.

5. Give something she can sell, leftover this and that, when I move out of a room, I can give her miscellaneous.

6. When she drags to her brothers shop, some of her friends shop, or store, or some place you really do not want to go, go and buy anyway, it is possible she gets a commission or somehow benefits.

7. Pre-paid cell phone cards

8. Buy too much and give her extras, maybe get too much shampoo, or too many of something and give the extras to her.

9. Go on the trip, go visit a place she need to go, go see visit the University and pay for the room. There are trips in life that are not needed, but sometimes it allows the person to go do what they cannot afford to do.

10. Food, just buy dinner, food, anyway of feeding the person.

Now, this sounds bad, it is not, then again, after years of walking the planet, when some girl walks up to me and wants one of these 10 ways to pay, your first assumption is correct.

There is probably some code of ethics, some rules of civility, some long hidden away method of having good form that I do not know.

10 Ways to Pay for the Girl