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YouTube.Com Gossip Me

2007-11-18 20:10:00

YouTube.Com Gossip Me
I am a WYSIWYG person… is telling too many people about me, in Thai English they would say …
Why YOU Gossip Me?
Translated to normal English, why is telling everyone what I am interested in, and what I do, why do they talk about me?

They got me… Very good, but also annoying, and Thank You

My Hobo page on - Look at what I subscribe to... Boring.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Monday, November 19, 2007
Andy of ---

Do not stereotype me; I think this is silly comment.

Hell, screw it, let me fill out your Profile form and I will do it for you, I will answer all your questions, tell you all my favorite books, movies, books, and what videos I subscribe to and you will know what stereotype I am. Moreover, you can better target your relevant advertising at my profile, a.k.a. stereotype.

My page on is hilarious; I was looking at it,

I am a WYSIWYG person.

This is extremely valuable in person relationships because people trust me… WYSIWYG

Nevertheless, for the casual internet surfer, I can be a terribly annoying person. I would think the people going to look at my videos for the first time would think, what is wrong with them man? I am OFF topic, my profile is crap, I went to your videos, looked at them, and clicked on your subscriptions and they are not about culture… I have people ask me, what are your favorite Travel Journals?

I say,
- I do not read that crap. -
They may say,
- Is your blog crap? -
I say,
- I would never read my blog. -
- I would not recommend my blog to Andy, Me. -
I truly hate to re-read my own post.

However, is invasive, I am on the site as I am typing, trying to figure out how to remove the tell you what I subscribe to crap. This is not good for my internet, travel business, it is off topic, and human. In addition, I want people to stop posting comments, do not send me emails, and they only will get me clicking on some links on their pages to make money. I have a blog to deal with; I do not want another place to deal with comments. I will go look at your videos, and click on a few advertisement.

However, I do NOT want to annoy, my already annoyed readers by also showing them that I subscribed to boring videos about how to make web sites. I put up Culture Videos and I do not subscribe to culture videos. I see culture videos as very boring, real life is great, but to watch this stuff is annoying for me, I live it, why watch it, and 99 percent are posturing, liars, so who wants to watch videos of people lying about cultures. I know, when I click the off button on my video camera, I am editing the culture, I keep it running, the whole culture in one swoop, no edits, not fair for me to interpret what is important. This is the culture WYSIWYG.

Now, I am boring to death my readers by showing them that I read these SEO, search engine optimization videos.

I write off topic blog post all the time, I sometimes dwell on the idea of changing the name of my blog to something like Andy looking at crap, then inaccurately gossiping about it. I really have no desire to find accurate information about some topics. It is impossible to care about all topic I think about, whereby I am 100 percent accurate.

I 100 percent want the readers to correct my post, say, Andy you are wrong, and this is the correct information. Moreover, just correct me, without the lecture. Damn, I have know for 30 years I am not perfect, why do you tell need to tell me, if you are perfect then I will say, Hello God, how are you.

It is funny, there is nothing more stupid than to call me an idiot in the comments section of the blog, or any name. I just click reject and think, this is an angry person, all that time typing and what an idiot, just trying to attack some unknown person on the internet.

The sometime regulars post anonymous… too funny.

NOTE: Thank you you tube, thank you very much for hosting them videos, this is a great service and I do not care what you do, invade my life, take my information, gossip me, it is worth the trade.

Oh what the hell, gossip, just spell correct, one L, and if not, that is ok, I own also... hehehe.

YouTube.Com Gossip Me