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World Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims Day

2007-11-18 04:10:00

World Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims Day
2007 November

Number one way for a traveler or tourist to be killed. I am fully in support World Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims Day. The cause of this is two fold on the planet, the sidewalks are full of vendors a person has to walk in the street, and the cars do not give walking people the right away. Moreover, the police drives worst than the normal person, so a very bad example.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, November 18, 2007
Andy of ---

I was laughing as there three world problems all in one place, dangerous cars, sidewalk full of vendors so I must walk in street, and last not but least noise pollution. Watch the video and you will see some example of all three problems. The Thailand Parade is a good example of inconsiderate noise pollution.


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For what it is worth, these victims are the better of the bunch; the worst are walking around on their hands or have a bike hand powered type wheelchair.

People driving cars are the problem, and the government not enforcing any laws. Every time a police officer stops you, remember someone in another country people are dying because the police do not stop anyone. Be thankful you got a ticket, traffic police save thousands and millions of lives each year.

Note Bob says,
- Never, never trust them the little green men from outer space. -

If you want to die, walk when the little green man says to walk, never obey, you must walk when there are no cars, I use the Thailand people as blockers and allow them to shield me, them first, there are also volunteer victims.

I ignore parades and walk the other way, there is always a parade. When I finally understood the them, I ran back to the front and made this video.

World Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims Day