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What a Wanna Be Photographer Skills Needed

2007-11-12 17:17:00

What a Wanna Be Photographer Skills Needed
I woke up, there is a large magazine in the USA that wants to use one photos of mine.

I am the photo editor for ---- magazine, a US print publicatin. We are looking for a photo of a --- …. Do you have any photos that would show this cultural phenomenon?
Alternatively, we are interested your photo of the ---- ….

Please contact me asap due to our magazine deadline today. etc.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, November 11, 2007
Andy of ---

If it were not for the last moment, nothing would be done.
URGENT (They wanted it today, that is 12 hours difference.)

I attached a 2 Meg photo with my Foxmail client, sent the photo to the company. I have no idea if they will pay me, what they are up to; I just know that big companies cannot steal photos. I had one TV Company, maybe better to say Movie Company want photos. I had to sign releases, etc, blah blah blah to give them a photo.

I do not even know which photo they used.
I do not think Trust is a skill, but first a person needs to trust, and to know a photo is a photo, I was just a lucky person in the right place taking photos.

SKILLS - a very short list.

Attach Photos
Checking it sent skills
Making a Webpage with photos for them to preview.
Auto Resize of photos
Thumb drive

More or less this is how it works; a person makes a webpage with photos. A person gets on a search Engine finds your photos. Maybe 80 percent are stolen and used, and then the big companies find a photo they want and write you.

You now need to sent them about 20 Megs of photos of small photos to preview, they select a few big photos, and you send.

I have to zip them up, make a link, and then they download.

This is not so simple with a GPRS connection over a cell phone that made dial up of 10 years ago seems fast.

US print publicatin

This was spelled wrong, real people make mistakes, no phone number, urgent and all that. I also have to allow them to be just average people doing their job.

The photo was the easy thing; to communicate fast, urgent, transfer, send and be organized in say West Africa is difficult.

With a big pro style camera about anyone could take the photo.

Ok, Photographer needs to have a personal relationship with the Sun Gods, and have eyes that observe other things than a cliché.

I guess if I was interviewing a photographer, I would send them some emails and request photos, see how fast they can produce, send and if they use the words. I will send soon, and how quick.

A person needs to retrieve a photos from their computer at the speed of light, have a great filing system and send the photo in less than say 30 minutes. They must check their emails from anywhere on the planet daily. Ok, then they need to take about 10,000 photos and store on a computer. I do not think a photographer could travel without a computer.

What a Wanna Be Photographer Skills Needed