Video Panning for Tin in Thailand

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Video Panning for Tin in Thailand
I took this video when I was in Ranong, Thailand of a women panning for Tin in the river near the Hot Springs. It was funny, as my friend is saying to me, that what she is panning for is more expensive than Gold. I am thinking, if this is the case, I am going to jump in and join her.

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Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Saturday, November 10, 2007
Andy of ---

The video should be above here, click on center of photo and wait.

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Ranong is about 10 hours by bus from Bangkok, a nice place to visit, and the Hot Springs is special. I went to Ranong to do a visa run, as I went into Burma or Myanmar for 10 minutes, came back and I have 30 more time to stay in Thailand.

We also went to the Island of Koh Chang, an Agro-tourism place, full of Germans, sort of a German Expat colony.

Video Panning for Tin in Thailand

I feel I must correct mistakes on this Blog. Yes Tin is at a all time High !
over 20,000 USA Dollars a TON ! that is 32,000 ounces
about 66 cents a ounce !!! My head is about to explode. She was looking for rubies and gold it can be found most anywhere in very small quantities north of Bangkok.

Did you know Vermont used to be the Second largest producer of GOLD in the USA ?
ya back in 1788. Once it is plucked it takes another million years to reload.

Thank god for Global warming as if it never happened before. Molten lava turning to ice then back again up comes the gold and tin and diamonds....make way for Al "take care oh little Al" Gore he will sell you a tin pan..why do you think they used to use TIN to can sardines ? friggin cheap oh my head hurts !!!! can I say retard on this blog ?