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Two Philippine Expats

2007-11-28 21:20:00

Two Philippine Expats
An Expatriate is a citizen who has left his or her own country to live in another, usually for a prolonged period. I am probably an Expatriate however do not appreciate being called an Expat because it implies I left a country I do not like, I love my country.

I meet and know many expats in the Philippines, there are two dominate types of Expats.

Manila, Philippines - Ermita Southeast Asia
Thursday, November 29, 2007
Andy of ---

1. Men who like women and go find women who like them.

2. Expats who know they can work two months a year in high pay country and live for 11 months in the low cost of living countries.

People do not like to be labeled, however only with a label can I isolate the specific identifiers that helps a person to understand who they I am or not.

The words labels and tags are not being used in, and is more of a spinoff I think of words Keywords. This is all a never-ending attempt to keep the people together who want to be together. has developed a second level of grouping that to me is tracking or channeling as way of forcing you to associate with like kind people.

I would say, the complaints help me more than the compliments to make travel choices.

I met yesterday with Mark from USA with his wife and children by accident in the Robinsons Mall large food Super Market, he just returned from the USA and is doing great with his coin business.

I met Bjorn from Norway, who just returned after Nine months in Hong Kong and is hopeful on his oil trading business.

I would say both of these Expats would live in highly developed countries if they were rich. Bjorn was outlining a plan to move to New Zealand and some idea of Argentina. Mark does live half the time in the USA and half the time in the Philippines.

The cost of living in the Philippines is double of Thailand; however, I think the business opportunities are ten times greater here for an English speaker than in Thailand. Singapore is annoying and Hong Kong is a mess of Chinese confusion. I think to live in Singapore; it would be easier to just move back to the USA to work, why pay a lot of money to talk with Chinese, Malaysia and India people.

The Philippines is good after you walk beyond the people trying to grab you in the streets and the trash. Manila is the first impression of the Philippines and for the most part, they put their worst foot forward, it is sad, a first impression is not the way to judge the Philippines.

I found it interesting Mark and Bjorn are here, these two men wish to work, this is a good sign for me, I believe that the Philippines is a good place in Asia for a man to do business.

Two Philippine Expats