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Traveling Without Shame

2007-11-10 14:07:00

Traveling Without Shame
Darn, I remember things from University; I truly hope I have advanced past these good and bad memories.

I suspect that long-term travelers often do a Geographical Cure, they want to outrun their shame, and the problem is they take the object of shame with them.
Bangkok, a.k.a. Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, November 11, 2007
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

1964 Becket - A Movie, one of my favorites about the Honor of God.
The movie starred Richard Burton as Becket and Peter O'Toole as King Henry II and was directed by Peter Glenville.
Becket the Honor of God

I watched this movie in University, and I suppose I should forever thank my professor, if I could remember his name, or what he looked like. I suppose somewhere on the Indiana University Campus in Bloomington.

Shame is a wonderful thing, honor is better, somewhere in between hell and heaven is earth. I travel the earth, a small place, and getting smaller everyday, and keep thinking to myself,
- I see guilt the sister of shame in the eyes of people -

It is good fun to walk around in Bangkok Thailand and look into the eyes of travelers, tourist and Expats from around the world. They get a nervous look, sidestep, look down, and snivel, I think to myself,

- What have you been doing that you feel so much shame? -

I find it amazingly easy to not have shame, I cannot remember clearly when I lied the last time, or even misrepresented something. I suppose I should feel shame when I turn on the charm to get what I want, or turn on the I am angry act. No, I guess I feel no shame; I do this for a good reason.

I weigh, meter, hold high court and sentence people by the look in their eyes. I have no shame with this, I will glare into their soul if needed to find out who they are, just seems like a good way to test the world. I find secrets buried, covered up, hidden, fantasies of something their life is not.

Betazoid to the end, I will live and die by my instincts, I am honing them to a fine edge. I was musing the other day.

This is something that looks war like on the river, on the corner, behind the Wat or Buddhist Temple. It is on the water, maybe it is protecting the honor of Khao San Road, Thai people and making sure the Temple is protected.

I think shame lives in the temple and honor in this building, each person has their choice I suppose we can fight for shame or we can fight for honor. And I suppose the majority with walked around looking at the ground, shame based in a cell of their own thoughts.

I like the tourist attractions of war more than religions, I want to hear how a good person fought the good fight, not how someone went and prayed not to die. I see faith as having no fear.

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Traveling Without Shame

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