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Traveler Diarrhea WARNING

2007-11-20 18:51:00

Traveler Diarrhea WARNING
I am scared; I could have died if I took diarrhea medicine in Niger, or maybe I did take the medicine and this is why my feet tingled for three months. I cannot remember, I was delusional sick.

I am 90 percent sure I had food poisoning in Niger. (I thought Malaria at time.)
I think taking Diarrhea Medicine could help to kill me.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Andy of ---

I have a low-level fear of water; I have a high-level fear of food. I think all this do-not-drink the water noise is annoying. I think the dingalings should be saying,

An empty restaurant with no clients and only me eating scares the shit out of me. I am 100 percent sure, a restaurant in India, Thailand, Philippines, Ghana, Peru, Jordan, will sell me food that is old. A very busy place is safer and me watching the cook.

I believe food poisoning and low-level food poisoning is 20 times more of a problem than water, people blame the water, when it was the food.

I had a conversation this morning with my Thai Friend who is has masters in Pharmacology and works in a Hospital.

She said, and I am not a doctor, I am not an expert, this information at best is critical speculation on my part.

She said,
- When you have food poisoning a person need to have Diarrhea to clean the body and drink lot of mineral water. If a person takes, Diarrhea medicine all the poison will stay in the body. -

It takes a long time to die from Diarrhea.
It takes a day or two to die from Food poisoning. (I think, I am not sure of any of this.)

My feeling and thought is this, it is never worth the risk to take the Diarrhea medicine. I may just keep poison in my body. I do not die from Diarrhea and most is Type II Diarrhea not the more dangerous type.

People say, go to a doctor, it is 100 times more complicated than you think when traveling, people extremely under-estimate what going to a doctor entails. Plus going to a pharmacist is normally a lot better idea, the pharmacist in 80 percent of the planet do the triage work that saves the lives of the people. The doctor is way too late.

I have said, by the time I find an honest Doctor, I could be dead.

Note this is again one of them annoying times where I am positive, I am not perfect, I do not know. I would love to hear experts and critical opinions on this subject. If you know of an expert, please send this email to them or the page link, and ask for help. I really want to learn more about this, and reading lapses full of nebulous conclusions. I want comments, I am in Thailand, not the USA, I am in an no English information vacuum.

The implications about advice given to travelers on diarrhea is amazing, the normal standard advice about how to deal with travel diarrhea could be crazy wrong.

Traveler Diarrhea WARNING