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Travel is graded on a curve

2007-11-30 22:55:00

Travel is graded on a curve

You Cannot Know a Negative, the ones who fail, do not know they failed. A person cannot know about something that never happened, and because the event never happened is not proof it will not happen.

I had this telephone conversation with Travis and it has been haunting me ever since.

Manila, Philippines - Ermita Southeast Asia
Saturday, December 1, 2007
Andy of ---

Oops, he may have one of the blogs that will break when he purchases a domain, this is not good for me, and I really do not like to recommend a page that may eventually not exist.

However, this is an ok example of what I am thinking about, if Travis never buys a domain and continues always to use the blogspot system, this blog, my blog will continue to look good because I said,

Here is a link.
Go look at it.
And the link works.

IF this link breaks.

Then I am blamed for a good choices Travis made, the first to choose blogspot, and the second to get his own domain. I do not know, I hope this domain is him.

If not, then I hope the person that owns it enjoys the small traffic and the incoming link, with all the juice, you are welcome.

- Planning your trip
- Planning the fun
- Planning your travel destinations
- Planning your problem

I know I have already bored the pants off most readers and they have clicked away, this is good for me and you, and anyone who really tries to get their minds around this. I am thinking, I am dwelling, and I am musing that
“Travel is graded on a curve.”

I truly believe that grading on a curve is fair in life, to not have a certain percentage of people fail is against all rules of nature; survival of the fittest is what insures the survival of man.

Travel is graded on a curve means to me that many will succeed and others will fail, and even better yet, this idea of not knowing a negative will be fully in force. The ones that fail will not know they failed, because they do not know success, they do not know how lousy they did because for them it was normal.

I am getting bored with explaining this and truly there is no reason to continue for me to explain, what I need is, what does exist yet. I need to know the proper words that do not exist in my brain. When I do happen upon them, I will maybe tell people what I mean here.

Moreover, since I do not know the words to explain this yet, I cannot explain this yet, one day I will know the proper combination to explain what I do not know how to explain. However, for today, close to correct is Travel is grade on a curve and I cannot know a negative.

Travel is graded on a curve