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Tipping a Travel Agent

2007-11-21 21:56:00

Tipping a Travel Agent
I think tipping a travel agent is becoming a necessity; they are hopefully making the transition from ticket venders to travel consultants gracefully. We need to help the honest ones survive.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Thursday, November 22, 2007
Andy of ---

I use Travel Agents when possible, I know two good ones, and the one is suspect…।

Travel Agents or Travel Consultants, I believe most are glorified ticket venders, and on the same line as Real Estate Agents, somewhere above Car Salesmen.

A seller is a person that takes an order, and then gives your product, more or less the Wal-Mart product on the shelf transaction. It is delusional to believe that the majority of Travel Agents, Real Estate Agents, Car Salesman would not gouge-charge you if they get a chance. They love a soft target, with a soft brain, too much trust and some fantasy belief that they are always getting a good deal.

LCC, the low cost carriers or the online internet booking systems will hopefully put about 80 percent of high level, not-to-be-trusted Travel Agents out of business.

So, time to rescue the 20 percent, closer to honest, hard working Travel Agents who do not understand they do not sell tickets, they sell an opinion of proprietary value.

The Building Commissioner in Fort Wayne, Indiana stood outside the Chamber of Commerce and gave me this not so pleasant lecture.
- Your knowledge of Real Estate is of proprietary value; do not give it away so easy. -

Ooops, sorry, now, I do understand, I also know that people that think their opinions are of value and lie, then also try to lie their way to success. A lie is not a wealth making product to sell, not inherent value.

I guess, a Travel Agent that lies is about as worthless as you can get, and a Real Estate Broker, Agent is the same. What they are selling is an opinion and it has always amazed me, they will lie, this means the opinion is worth zero. Ask them, do you sell ticket, house, the correct answer is an opinion to help the purchase.

Travel Agents save me money, keep me out of harms way, and can save my life, if not a ton of money when I make a bad decision.

It is negligent to sell a plane ticket to a person going to Iraq or some war zone and not say, you do know there is some violence there? It I negligent to say, to a Thailand backpacker, go to South America, without saying, but learn how to carry your backpack or it will be stolen the first week or month.

I have a severe problem saying the boat on the Amazon River was fun, or a good experience, same with India.

Bottom line is this, a travel agent that lies is very little value, but can still be of value, value is not price, it is a bundle of benefits, the price is a variable of the bundle being purchased.

I truly think a Travel Agent deserves a tip ten times more than the grouchy person serving me food, or the Taxi driver.

I am saying this, help the Travel Agent to know he or she should not lie, and you appreciate when the do not lie.

I suppose 9 out of 10 people should not tip, because they are the soft target the Travel Agent likes to gouge charge for tickets. I would say bout any corporate Travel Agent sounds like a person who likes to gouge.

I suppose I could ask a travel agent, how much is one hour of your time worth and they will tell you their value, and trust them, they should know.

The idea is this, let us promote the honest ones, and demote the bad ones. Please, it is stupid to lie to a travel agent and try to maneuver them, then expect a good deal, you are not the first one today to try that, they learn how to reverse this process on you for fun.

Ok, now, some travel agent send me a tip, I am kidding, good advice is free, always is, and good people really do not like to charge to be good people.

Do I know a travel agent that does not lie…?

Tipping a Travel Agent