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Thailand Real Estate

2007-11-22 17:39:00

Thailand Real Estate
Steve said,
- You have been in Thailand long enough; I thought you would try to rent an apartment. -

This is so stereotypical American…

I have been in Thailand for maybe 45 days; this is not a long time for me to be in a country. This is a long time for one hotel. It is the only hotel in the Khao San Road area with acceptable internet in the room and price.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, November 23, 2007
Andy of ---

Presently, today, November 23, 2007 I feel like a father watching my pregnant wife, and every day the baby kicks, every day we ask the doctors a new question. I am a nervous wreck, I know it, I can feel it, and we are going to give birth soon to a huge baby Internet Site. is going to scream and gasp for it first breath of air, opens its eyes, turn them to the light, and try to see.

My friend Craig from is in Peru, ready to have a real baby, and you can feel the tension.

Craig is afraid to move, and so I am I, we both want the birth to go off without problems. He is doing ultrasounds, and I am asking every web site doctor I know questions, I even purchased a PDF Book from Aaron Walls for 79 US Dollars called

This is why I am in one place, I am a Hobo, I work and Travel, I am not a bum or tramp.

I was a Real Estate Broker for 14 years, when Steve asked or alluded to the idea of renting a home or apartment in Thailand. I almost said,
- Are you nuts? -

Not a good comment to say accidentally or pre-mediated to Steve, he has to be the most Alpha Male, dominating personality I know today. There was this person by the name of Leighton that worked for Frito Lay I worked for 20 years ago, international and domestic manager of distribution centers that was more Alpha,

I could have said, are you nuts, this is American. I am a dominating personality too, I try my best to hide it and keep it down to where it is possible to have a few friends.

However, my first thought, and I am probably more the pre-mediated type than Steve, not Leighton. I stopped this idea immediately of suggesting that he was nuts, and realized this is just a normal idea for an American and European person so treat at just a normal comment, try to not think and ignore. I try to ignore Tourist; they are insanely naïve about the planet Earth. Steve is far from normal, however to rent is very Amerian normal.

Renting or buying real estate in another country is tantamount to investing in the Thai Baht. If I was buying money, Dollar or Euros are my only options, since OPEC uses Dollars; I think Dollars are the best option.

I would say the Thai Baht is not stable, this country had a Military Coup a few months ago, and I think the King will die in the next few years. Buying in this country seems close as Looney tunes as a person can get.

Ok, I do not rent apartments, homes, however, I do think about renting a home to start a Hostel every day of the week. I would rent the cash flow, and recoup my investment in less than five months or not do it, maybe one year.

However to rent an apartment in Thailand would be the same as purchasing a big lead or iron ball, about 15 inches in diameter, and chaining it to my leg. I know I would cut my leg off eventually to escape. I think of round trip plane tickets as impossible commitments to uphold, who wants to promise anyone or anything you will obey when you do not have too.

This is the bottom line, I am free, and I do not purchase commitments that do not give me more freedom. My computer give me freedom, I do not have to walk to the internet café every day.

The American goes to paradise, and then wants to build a home on it to destroy it, and make it into America.

The Brit goes to another country and what do they do, go to the closest British Bar and thinks of it as their local.

I suppose the Germans and Swedish go to Pattaya or Phuket, Thailand and….

Buying a home is like getting married.
Renting a home is like having a girlfriend that lives with you.

I can think of hundreds of good reasons to have a girlfriend or to get married. There are only two good reasons I can figure outside the USA to rent a place.

1. A business venture.
2. To have what I want under my control.

I was going to type in, to store my stuff, but this is a terrible reason, I do this already in a storage room of the Sawasdee Smile Hotel, in a place in Nepal, and a place in Cusco, Peru, I suppose my parents home.

A hotel room always has a few problems. My present room is good.

1. The staff is excellent, and extremely good in this cold fish country of Thailand, they are warm, talk English 10 time better than normal for Thailand.

2. The room has High Speed Internet in the room.

3. The room is quiet, except for the never-ending sound of an air conditioner.

4. The cost is 390 Baht or about 12 US dollars, and this is expensive, a good price for Thailand would be about 250 Baht, anything over 250 Baht and I start to complain about the Hotel.

The problems are,

1. No hot water, only my solution…

2. No TV in room or common area that is acceptable.

3. No Guest Kitchen.

I would move maybe to another hotel for a guest kitchen, other than that the internet is the reason to overlook almost any problem, and this hotel has a huge problem I am not going to discuss and I hope they solve it.

The reason to rent is to remove my three problems, kitchen, TV, and hot water. The truth is this, the TV and Hot Water are easy to find, the Sawasdee Smile has this for 220 Baht, however no AC and a shared shower. A shared shower is good, no moisture in room to give to the Ants.

The bundle of benefits is what I rent or buy, and in real estate if you buy the bundle of rights. What am I buying in Thailand, the bundle of freedoms?

The money, the money, everyone thinks about money too much, I would invest in my room.

I have thought about saying to Charlie, I will buy a TV, install hot water, and paint the room; maybe buy two new mattresses for the room. This hotel has cable TV already, and if I had the TV, Hot Water, I would be in Hotel Heaven at 390 Baht per day.

I would leave and ditch the hotel for a guest kitchen, with a common area that has a good TV that plays movies. The location is good in a strange way, I can walk both ways, and I can get a taxi or bus easy in front of the hotel.

The whole point is this, for 35 US dollars I can rent all these features for too much money in Sukumvit, Phuket, or Chang Mai. I want to live for 30 days near Khao San Road, not a bar babe area like these types of hotels, the annoying people who live in them are over the edge of my tolerance. It is the neighborhood, if I rent, I would be committed to a neighborhood.

I leave for the Philippines; I have been searching for a hotel anywhere in the Philippines with Hi-Speed Internet in the room for less than I think 800 pesos. This is a ridiculous amount of money to pay for a room in Asia!

I can rent an AC room in Thailand for about 60 US per month.
I could probably rent the same in Philippines for about 100 per month.
I can rent a room in Togo for 60 per month.

Paying 12 or 18 US dollars for a room in Thailand or the Philippines per day makes the locals say to me.
- Are you rich? -
- Are you stupid? -

No, I am American…. Hehehe

It is amazing how many people want to travel, then rent an apartment, I think, I thought you told me you wanted to travel.

Thailand Real Estate