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Telling a Traveler to Go Home

2007-11-08 15:18:00

Telling a Traveler to Go Home
I have people, say,
- Andy, you need to go home. -
This is an annoying comment, where the person saying this is completely unable to empathize with a person that has not lived in the USA for 10 years.

Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, November 9, 2007
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

There is an aspect of this comment that I accept and translate, transliterate or twist until I can see what they do not see or weigh their intentions. What they could be better saying,
- Go to a safe place that you know, and try to relax, become your normal self again. -

The USA is safe for me, but not normal, so I feel abnormal at home and normal traveling. This is the nature of an addiction, when I learned I like the reality of Alcohol more than the reality of normal, I could see there was a problem...

I like the reality of continuous travel more than than home... Addict, I need my rush.

I have been dwelling on some words.
- Sin
- Normal
- Abnormal
- My culture
- Percentage of deviation
- Happiness

In this dwelling I have realized.
The USA is about 95 percent culturally the same as Canada
about 80 percent same as Europe
maybe 20 percent same as Thailand or Asia

To think going to Europe and it being a different culture is in someways naive.

On the other hand, what is the nature of Sin? To disobey. But who makes the rules I need to disobey to do a good job of this... hehehe?

As of today, I believe more a Sin is when you deviate from your fathers and mothers cultural rules more than about 15-25 percent.

I think mental illness is when this is maybe 50 percent or above.

If you look at travelers, it amazes me how a person can live in the USA, Europe or wherever and suddenly do a 90 percent change in their belief systems. I like my clothes, this is why I wear them. I do not see fisherman pants in Thailand as making me feel more comfortable walking around, they make me feel as if people are looking at me. I on the other had do see them as being perfect pants for as pajamas and on the beach.

To review the benefits of a cultural change is the pivotal concept here, a person that introspect, one day decides.... hmmm This type of clothing is better.

I for instance, seldom, except for funerals wear a suit, I just see wearing a suit as some tribal, primitive thing of the Western world and why would I wear a suit when the temperature is above 70 degrees F, not C.

I do not own a suit, and am suspect of a person that needs me to wear one for them to trust me, I really want the respect of individuals that can go to higher levels. But this idea is based on function. I just cannot figure out what a tie does for me, I do not need a tie to function, to be comfortable. I see a sport jacket as pockets and warmth.

Ok, so when a person tells me to go home, they are in a way saying, stop sinning, go to the USA and do what everyone else is doing. I think
- I am, I do what the USA people do, I have the same Reeboks, I wear clothes that are acceptable in the USA, and I do what I do in the USA. -

Contrary to any of the nuts who get on Thailand pages, I do not do what a vast group of people do in Thailand, I do not go to Phuket... I like Thailand because it is what I call a stocking up city.
Ooops, I changed the name to Base Camp on my top 150 needed Travelers subjects.

The art of travel is to retain self as we travel the world, go to the Yellow Pages if you need a shrink, travel if you are curious about the world. The world is always more crazy than at home, because it is a deviation of your norm, not theirs.

People on two week vacations need to go home, to tell me to go home means you are in continuous I am a tourist mentality or you are a Mom... I did not say Dad.

A bad day is when my normal routine world is more than 10 percent different than normal, the coffee, the shower, the food, etc. My computer crashed, I am in an internet cafe at 4:49 am in Bangkok, Thailand, to say the least the group of people in here are normal for this area, I am abnormal. I took a shower already today and they have not slept. I must realize, I am the abnormal here, I need to retain my self of many years of practice. In a way, take the good and leave the bad, but try to think it it really better, is there a good reason to change.

Telling a Traveler to Go Home

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