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Photos are Gone Computer Crash

2007-11-09 18:26:00

Photos are Gone Computer Crash
I have 20,000 photos on my laptop computer. (A guess)

I was asked by Hewlett Packard support here in Bangkok, Thailand,
- Is there anything of value on the hard drive? -
Ye, 80 gigs of information.
A friend of mine had his laptop stolen in Cebu, Philippines, he said,
- My world was on it. -
A man in Niger told me,
- All the data of our foundation is on this laptop. -

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, November 9, 2007
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

I asked the manager, if you need to replace the hard drive, could you give it to me it, so we can try to recover the lost data? She said something to the extent of we need to keep it so we can show the company we replace it.

- I HAVE ALL MY PHOTOS - (Relax Mom)

My hard drive did not crash, but I had to think, I went through the emotional turmoil. My main board was bad, thank the good Gods. However, I thought,
- What is on this hard drive that is not backed up somewhere else? -

My first thought,
The movie taken of panning for Tin in Ranong, then, I thought, not all my movies are backed up, then, what about all the large one Meg photos… (I sold some photos, the photos are worth more than the computer…)

Hmm, I am in a pinch, I have no simple way to back up 10-50 one meg photos per. I need to buy a portable hard drive now because the camera demands I have two. But a band aid, not a solution. I have a hard drive in storage here in Bangkok and the USA, when I pass through Bangkok, or the USA, I back up my computer.

I saw a girl go nuts in Siem Reap, Cambodia when she learn the CD ROM with all her photos were destroyed.

Information is sometime more valuable than the computer. Information is the most valuable commodity on the planet. I have 90 percent of my information backed up, and 100 percent about every six months, but not good enough.

A person can buy an extra hard drive to carry, and then when they rob you, the thief has two.

Putting 80 gigs of information on the internet in Africa is a major nightmare scenario, possible here in Bangkok. Real time, not feasible, but there is hope, or I suspect many a person will be crying over a lost photos.

I know of no good way to backup 20 gigs of travel photos that is 100 percent safe. I know of many expensive and very time consuming methods. The best solution I have today is to leave a 80-100 gig hard drive in various locations on the planet.

Photos are Gone Computer Crash

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