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Philippines Not Girl Friendly

2007-11-28 21:44:00

Philippines Not Girl Friendly
The Philippine is not the best place for female tourist; a person could say is it not Girl Friendly. A country often encourages certain types of tourism and inadvertently discourages other types.

Manila, Philippines - Ermita Southeast Asia
Thursday, November 29, 2007
Andy of ---

Southeast Asia I believe started mass tourism with war, the Second World War, Korean War, and the Vietnam War. The men defined and started the flavor or tourism for many countries in Southeast Asia.

Not Girl Friendly is not a good thing, it is a bad thing, and I really do believe all types of people should be able to live together. However, in real life, I would strongly advise a person to ignore that idealist advice and find the place where they are welcomed.
Life is good, life is fun, and it does not and should not be a continuous day in and day out social statement. This is for people who are mentally nuts. I go find my paradise and hope to avoid the places that do not want me.

I listened to a comment yesterday that was hilariously correct about the Malate Pensionne and the Friendly Guesthouse in the Malate part of Manila. I am living in the Ermita - Robinson Mall area and, and slowly feel myself moving towards some Island, as I am not wanted in the Malate area, and worried about Emita.

If you looked at the big picture of my travel, then I am moving towards Africa or even back towards South America because this is where I am more welcomed.

I for sure do not fit in on Khao San Road or Thailand; however, this is one of the best places on the planet to buy plane tickets and to live cheap and easy with the least amount of annoyances for the money.

This is funny, the Malate area is discouraging me from living in that area, more or less a subtle form of discrimination against men who like women.

I am somewhat lost, I love Island life, and I like to normal English sometimes, therefore the Philippines is a great place. I also think the extremely friendly females put a smile on my face. I heard Christmas Carols in the Robinsons Mall super market yesterday, this made me feel good, and I do not feel this in Thailand, I feel an Asian thing.

The Philippines is about, what I call what-is-leftover-logic

What is left over after you ignore a lot, and for sure, I need to ignore a lot in Manila, however for me after I ignore a lot, what is left over is

Had to ignore is…
Hotels that are 30-50 percent more expensive than Thailand.

What is left over is…

Smiling and Joking Philippine people in Robinsons Mall.
Tons of flirting girls.
Super good Internet Cafes
A lifetime of Islands to explore
English speaking Expats with some wild stories to hear.

The traffic is hard to ignore, I wish there were more female travelers so there was more balanced conversations.

I am not a tolerant person, I am person that can ignore, and not comment about things I see as wrong. I have many friends with some really strange lifestyles, if they are respectful of me, if they are not respectful of me; I leave and find new friends.

It is a funny world, I am not part of a minority group, I am more or less the all American man from the USA, it is interesting how many minority groups do not like me, all else is welcome, except for normal.

Here is complicated travel advice, if a place is asking certain groups of tourist to come and visit or they say it is friendly to this group. This could be translated to mean, the country has too many of the opposite and they want to change the ratios, or if you are not that group you are not welcome.

What they say is welcome is also saying who is not welcome. I try to notice when I become the minority, then keep my mouth shut, and find a new place for me, getting difficult for the normal man or women.

Example: An Alcoholic would fit in better here than a person who does not drink. In the new world you need a good personal problem to fit in… hehehe

Philippines Not Girl Friendly