Philippine Hotel with Internet in Room

Philippine Hotel with Internet in Room
I am driving myself crazy. Manila has some perfect internet cafes that are opens 24 hours, AC and I can connect my computer. However, I cannot find a hotel with internet in the room, in my bed, at the room desk; I want a Hotel Room anywhere in the Philippines with high-speed internet in my Hotel Room, NOT Starbucks, and NOT, the common area.

I fly to Manila on the 27 of November 2007.
Price should be less than 800 Pesos per night.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, November 23, 2007
Andy of ---

I say this, and I get extremely insensitive, no listening skills, no ability to read, no empathy, and 100 percent American Naïve comments, saying,


Yes, a cake walk if you want to pay 150 US Dollars per night. My upper level of tolerance and only a because it would have Internet is 20 USA dollars per night, if I paid more than 20 US Dollars for a room in Southeast Asia, I start to say.
- Andy, you are a chump, I do hope you know how stupid you are? -

I say to people in Singapore, if you want a Western Country, would it not be easier to move home.

I am thinking about traveling across Canada, so I can live in the USA, a great way to piss off the Canadians, and good fun.

I fly to Manila on the 27 of November 2007.

Philippine Hotel with Internet in Room

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