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Philippine Crabs

2007-11-30 23:33:00

Philippine Crabs
The reason why the Ten Commandments of the Christian Bible were told to Moses and written down.

The profound information I learned from a man named Simon while sitting in the LA Café, the reason to not judge a man by his clothes and the world can get a grip, learning can truly happen anywhere.

Manila, Philippines - Ermita Southeast Asia
Saturday, December 1, 2007
Andy of ---

I have traveled in many closer to Ape societies, I believe that man evolved from Apes or something hairy and our behaviors is just one small step above a Gorilla, and or maybe a Monkey. Maybe Gorillas discriminate against Monkeys, so I wish to be called a Gorilla.

Well as you travel down the road to the less civilized aspects of life where they are not good at hiding there primitive behavior like the more developed societies this story starts to apply more.

Philippino Crab Story

A man walks out on a long pier; he is carrying a bucket, a fishing pole and is somehow fishing for crabs. (I do not know if this is possible.)

Well, as he is pulling the crabs in from the water he puts them into the bucket. The bucket starts to become full and the crabs are mulling around in the bucket attempting to escape or climb over the side. The man continues to catch crabs and throw them into what is becoming a very full bucket of crabs.

A person passing by sees the bucket, and gets concerned, walks up to the man with the pole in his hand catching more and more crabs and says,
- You need to put a lid on this bucket or your crabs will escape. -

The crab man says,
- No, not needed, these are Filipino Crabs, when one starts to go over the side, and the ones below will reach up and pull it down into the bucket. -

Now, for the envious ones, we can also say
- American Crabs. -
- Ghana Crabs. -
- Peru Crabs -
- Israeli Crab. -
- Russian -
- French Crab- (Note the scarf around its neck.)
- Canadian Crab - (Nobody tell them it looks like the American.)
- Thailand Crab -

Because I know already someone is angry, and proof of this story, I know you do not think you are the same, you are not a Crab and you are not a Filipino crab, you think you are different. Ok, every day needs a juice rationalization with a good delusion of adequacy mixed in, today I am a…
- Filipino Crab with an American Passport. -

The Ten Commandments were written down so people would not need to remember them…

Philippine Crabs