Number of Persons Ignored Per City Block

Number of Persons Ignored Per City Block
I sometime think of what I call the,
- Jerk Quotient. -
Normally I use a word that starts with A and ends with Hole. This is the percentage of people in a culture that are jerks. Contrary to any politically correct beliefs of justice, fairness and we need to treat all people equally,-------- I say equal, I do think it, and I do try, however less tell the truth, let us be honest… Ok, I know that is not natural anymore for many people.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Wednesday, November 7, 2007
Andy of ---

Do not stereotype
Judging people
All men are created equal
Give them the benefit of the doubt

I was walking around with Robert, a man I met in Spain on Khao San Road, he is now is a Buddhist and Vegetarian.

Robert kept talking to the Taxi Drivers at the entrance to Khao San Road.

I said,
- Robert you know better than to start conversations with Taxi Drivers, you have been traveling too long to do that.-

A good traveler knows how to stop people, stop a beggar, stop a tout, stop any annoying person dead in their tracks. It is amazing ability, and a good book to read that explains about the Traveler phenomenon is a book:
Are you Experienced ? - by William Sutcliffe

A person that believes all people deserve to be listened too, are probably people I do not listen too, as I cannot be bothered.

I have people apologize, Andy, I did not read your post, or I do not read all your post, and I say,
- I put titles on them to help you, come on, I know you do not, please pick and choose, this is like a newspaper, read what you like and disregard the rest. -

To disregard people, ignore people, and walk on the other side of the street.

I have decided, the A - Hole Quotient is difficult, too subjective, it would be better to count the number of people I ignore per city block or 100 meters. As I was walking down Khao San Road yesterday, I think I ignored comments from about 1 person per 10 meters. I thought to myself, I know why I seldom walk down Khao San Road, it is not that I do not like Khao San Road, it is I do not enjoy ignoring people, it is not natural for me. I did not grow in in London, New York or Los Angeles, or Bangkok where people have upper levels advanced training in this, and it becomes their nature.

I can experiment for fun; I will count the actual number of people I ignored on specific tourist blocks of the planet.

The reason I walk down Khao San Road here in Bangkok, Thailand is because I want to see just how crazy people can be, it is good voyeuristic pleasure. There are people who look, and those who volunteer to become the entertainment. NOTE: Engage brain, in Africa, I was the entertainment for the locals.

I remember a women in Las bringing her children to view me, they walked around and pointed at me as if I was a cow.

Hmmm… I wonder, does this qualify as being a cheeky comment as defined by them British Lawyer girls in Tamale, Ghana?

Cheeky ---- trying to get away with saying something, hmmm or maybe it is the truth, is the truth cheeky?

Number of Persons Ignored Per City Block

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