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No Good WIFI Hotels in Philippines

2007-11-27 02:17:00

No Good WIFI Hotels in Philippines
WIFI in the reception area is not WIFI in a hotel, this is the same as going to an internet café.

I think the Hotels on the planet are just plain stupid not to see this is the future, the first to offer good internet in rooms wins in the race to sell benefits, and such an easy one to provide. Note, ethernet wire is better than WIFI. This is an obvious successful tactic by Starbucks.

The price of room are already about 30 percent higher in price than most Southeast Asia countries, so do not say get a more expensive room, the cheap ones are expensive.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Andy of ---

I have called three Hotels in Manila, two have internet in the reception or bottom of Hotels, the other has internet in the rooms that does not work, does not know when it will work and is 60 peso per hour.

This service is maybe the best help, however just annoying, finding WIFI and not living in a Five Star Hotel is work.

The Malate area of Manila has this great 24/7 internet café just across from the Malate Pensionne, it has WIFI that is presently broken as of November 2007.

The Friendly Guesthouse has WIFI, however off my list of place in Manila, I think I have more entered the world of Expats and less the world of Backpackers, this is a good place for couples. hehehe

I do feel that 99 percent of the time, the talk about WIFI is just some mean joke. Yes, it works if you are a sit in Starbucks and pay 5 dollars for coffee person, which is not what I want, I get up at 5:00 am and work, I want to work. I do not want to drink extremely trendy coffee.

I fly to Manila in about seven hours and I think the 24-7 internet café is my best option, quiet, good chairs, and air conditioned.

It is hard to believe how stupid the hotels are on the planet, the Friendly Guesthouse in Malate are of Manila I hear is almost always full, he has a guest kitchen and WIFI, nothing offered that is hard to provide like a Swimming Pool, just a kitchen for guest to cook and WIFI that works I am told in all rooms.

No Good WIFI Hotels in Philippines