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Nigeria One Laptop per Child

2007-11-27 20:53:00

Nigeria One Laptop per Child
The Minister of Education interviewed on BBC Television news, and I think to myself,
- This is Africa. -
The leadership of Africa are not leaders, they are selfish jokes, annoying to watch him on BBC news.

One Laptop per child is a project where they are giving away 100 US dollars Laptops to children, and I guess doing some test in Nigeria now.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Andy of ---

He more or less said how can a laptop help when they need uniforms, facilities and schools. I would translate, send me money for this to line my pockets. A computer it tangible, hard to redirect to his home or resell.

Learning does not need all this, it can happen anywhere if there is some passion and a student, when there is a student the teacher arrives, I guarantee it.

My memory of schools in West Africa is 20-40 children using a hoe to clean the grass out of the school area, maybe the soccer field as a man watch with a stick.

This is the mindset of Africa, like a slave driver, I could feel they just did not get it, a mind is valuable, and you need to feed it ideas. I always felt they went to school to keep the grounds of the school cleaned and maybe the soccer field free of grass so the adults could play. The mindset more that children are workers than students.

Nigeria One Laptop per Child