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Negligent Travel Advice

2007-11-17 18:36:00

Negligent Travel Advice
There is bad advice that will cost you money, and there is advice that is dangerous. I believe there is something in the human psyche that protects people.


Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, November 18, 2007
Andy of ---

There typical vision of a Hobo is a person who jumps on trains or Train Hoppers. I considered doing this, however it is very dangerous, and I am afraid some silly person in the USA would go and copy me, then get hurt. There is very little chance a person will follow me to Iraq.

I hold myself responsible, and I hold all humans responsible for their words and actions.

Wisdom is maybe the ability to change advice according to the audience.

I told Craig at to blog, to make web pages and I think he can earn enough money to travel the world.

I was chatting away with him on, not a good way to Chat, but the interface we share in common, and I caught myself saying.
- Nobody needs an internet page or site. -

I could only recommend that about 1 in 50,000 people or less should make a webpage with the goal.
- I want to make money. -

If they say, I want to have fun, I am full speed ahead.

As of today, November 2007, I would say 50,00O to 1 internet sites are Vanity Sites. Sites made to make the person feel good. This is like a Vanity Book or Press. One makes money, the others are flops.

I said day one, and I say today, I make internet pages to make money. I make about 1 percent of my money from blogging, but that is enough to money to travel. I need about five USA dollars per day to travel, but 15 is best, or live on 2 per day a lot and earn 5, it balance out. Now, read my lips, I can afford to live in Switzerland.

Epiphany a great word to learn.

I have been working for about 40 days on and

HoboTrav is up 90 percent in traffic in 40 days.
Hideout is up 148 percent in traffic in 40 days.

I feel like a stockbroker, which made some great picks. HoboTrav is the Warren Buffet, Berkshire Hathaway. Hideout is the ramp them up, I am an Angel, penny stock, get rich beyond my wildest dreams.

I was explaining to Gary on the telephone that I had made go up 90 percent, I said,
- Gee, people would pay me big money to do that. -

However, I realized, I need to keep my mouth shut, or I am negligent.

Two big negligent comments.
- Africa is easy
- Making a web site is easy
(Firefox is too easy for me, and boring.)

Why, because I am not empathizing with the world, however, after masterminding a wild number percentage increase in Traffic on and I was hit by a Mack Truck.

However, remember, everyone is a natural at something!

This is analogous to me listening to a person tell me how French is easy to learn. I say, you are a natural, I am not, it is extremely difficult for me to learn French, and you know nothing about learning French because you are a natural.

I am NOT a natural writer, as I hope you have noticed, and will you ever learn to stop telling me, I know.

I am NOT a natural language learner; every word is fought for and won.

I am a NATURAL at computers, I consider Firefox and HTML, PHP about as boring as you can get. When I say there are problems, I am trying to warn people, it is not a problem for me. It takes extreme will power to read this boring crap, and ONLY when I 100 percent need it to proceed do I proceed. I try to get anyone near me to do it for me!

I think I am 50/50 on photography, I may be a natural, but I would need to go head to head with the exact same professional grade camera to know. I do know I consider learning about cameras absurdly boring.

OK, I will try to stop saying that Africa is easy, I will try to stop inferring that making web pages is easy.

This is the value of a diary, you can take these abstract thoughts, put them in a shaker and when they come out, they are fully blended and ready to use. It helps me to make decisions when I blog, a.k.a. journalize or write in diary. Note, I do not do it to remember, I am old enough to know I will forget everything and wise enough to know I will not care, I will call them up and make them fantasy real when I am very old.

I like to blog, not to make money, but two great reasons. One is I can think out and slice and dice ideas. Second is when I put my dirty thought laundry out, someone read it, and sometimes I a reader installs an epiphany in my brain when they comment.

DO NOT MAKE a blog to make money, just accept you are doing this Vanity Site thing, and if you need protection use this quote.

- Modesty is the opiate of the mediocre.
- Those that think you know are annoying those of us who do. -

I do appreciate those of you who are robbed, it does help me not to be robbed, and the soft targets make them avert their eyes from me. Thanks for being robbed; you helped me to continue to travel.

I do hope none of this makes any sense, and I pray to the good Gods most people quit before they get to here. FINISH

Note Firefox is for the person likes playing with the TV antennae to get a better reception, and all the children are screaming, get out of the way, we are trying to watch. It will mature, and maybe in about three years it will be plug and play. I presently consider it a very dangerous toy for the average person.

I had to do this code thing, so it would stop annoying me and I could use effectively, but just a curious toy.

/* Display the tabbar at the bottom */
#content > tabbox { -moz-box-direction: reverse; }

Note: To do good on the internet is not about learning, it is about somehow choosing what is effective use of time to learn.

Negligent Travel Advice