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Media Coup Attempt on Philippines in Progress

2007-11-29 02:17:00

Media Coup Attempt on Philippines in Progress
Presently a humorous and annoying non-violent attempt to over-throw the government of the Philippines is in process here in Manila, Philippines.

A Philippines Senator by the name of Trillanes has barricaded himself on a floor of the Manila Peninsula Hotel here the Makati area of Manila. I am calling this a Media Coup as it appears the weapon being used is the Television Media to control or attempt to control the country.

Manila, Philippines - Ermita Southeast Asia
Thursday, November 29, 2007
Andy of ---

It appears that as of 3:35 pm, Senator Trillanes has surrounded his groups with the Television Press to guarantee the Philippines Police and Military have great problems in performing any legal process. It will be interesting if this Senator Trillanes can get himself shot by the government of the Philippines.

Strange as it sounds, these Military Coups whether with weapons or media manipulations are more interesting than real problems Unless, I suppose you happen to be in the Hotel where he wants to play his manipulation of media.

This is more or less a game; he is playing with the government of the Philippines daring them to enforce the legal laws. Senator Trillane appears to have close to zero support by the normal people here on the ground unless maybe he can get himself accidentally shot.

I am going to walk down to the LA Café and use the WIFI to publish this for kick; this is would be the proper place to publish this kind of blog post… Hehehe

I suppose I could also change the channel to HBO and see if a better show is also in progress.

I walked down to the lobby of the hotel, I asked,
- Who wants the Government of Philippines overthrown? -

I think maybe six people, I think two understood my English, one said, I think not possible and the other said, a few of them.

I am now in the LA Café and they are watching sports with almost zero interest.

Media Coup Attempt on Philippines in Progress