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Manila Philippines Internet 60 Pesos Per Hour

2007-11-28 21:52:00

Manila Philippines Internet 60 Pesos Per Hour
The cost of internet in Manila, seems to be about 60 pesos per hour as of November of 2007 in tourist hotel areas of Manila. The best option is probably the Free WIFI at Taste Buds Restaurant area on the second floor of Robinson Mall in a food court providing you do not drink too much over-priced coffee. I have not found any hotels acceptable with WIFI.

Manila, Philippines - Ermita Southeast Asia
Thursday, November 29, 2007
Andy of ---

For 70.00 PHP or 1.6 USD I get a cup of coffee with Free WIFI, no key or crazy crap to deal with. Philippines Pesos United States Dollars 1 PHP = 0.0233770 USD 1 USD = 42.7770 PHP

WIFI is not free in Starbucks, or here the San Francisco Coffee. They want you to buy a cup of coffee, thereby your net cost to use the Internet is expensive. If you like to drink overpriced coffee and hang out with people who buy over-priced coffee you are good to go. If you just feel nothing, no guilt, go and use the internet at Taste Buds, and do not buy coffee or food, I will then call you a mooch.. Hehehe

I am as only as good as my battery, if they really wanted me to stay, I would have an electrical plug like the internet café.
Mobile Office

Too clever, the world is always wanting to be too clever. I cannot even blog about some of these things as it takes hours to explain all the catches to deals, as used in the English phrase,
- What is the catch? -

This is the problem with the Philippines and travel in general, there is always a catch.

However for good fun, and real entertainment, stop thinking of them hawkers in the street as annoyance and try think to think of them as the entertainment. I have great fun listening to the scams being explained to me, however they work on many people, so they should be afraid and run, or get angry.

Manila Philippines Internet 60 Pesos Per Hour