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Koh Chang Island Ranong Thailand

2007-11-04 18:31:00

Koh Chang Island Ranong Thailand
What a mess of words, there is two or more Koh Chang Islands in Thailand, the popular one is near Cambodia. A Thai girl and I went to the Island of Koh Chang near the city of Ranong, Thailand that is on the border of Thailand and Burma, not the popular Koh Chang.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Monday, November 5, 2007
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

A word, what are words, the best way to confuse people is to use words. Koh is the Thailand word for Island, and the word Chang is the word for Elephant. There are elephant statues strewn around the country of Thailand, therefore the word elephant and the word Chang are difficult to use without confusion.

I learned some Thai words on the Island of Koh Chang.

Koh Chang - My Mee Change - Mee Tae Mah

I do not care if I Thai English spell them right, I suppose a person that reads understand English will pronounce them right. This means.

Elephant Island - No have Elephant, have Dog

Hmm, maybe I should say dogs as plural, there are many dogs on Koh Chang, however not any Elephants, and I cannot remember seeing any statures of Elephants. I would say there were about five good dog fights to watch and my Thailand friend says 20, not too important, however there are too many dogs on the Island of Koh Chang, and it needs and elephant or two.

My brain is full of scrambled English from speaking Thai English for a week, this damages my normal English.

Ok, the Island of Koh Chang is one of my favorite Islands in Thailand, this must be true or I would not have gone to the Island five or more times. I believe the reason I like this Island is that I am an idealistic person when I have nothing else to do.

The island of Koh Chang is the only place on the planet that I have personally visited that promotes Agro-Tourism, or more correctly, they use the words Agro-Tourism. Eco-tourism is a normal phrase used, which for the most part means, beware, we are trying to convince you we are nice ecological people, but all we really want is money.

The problem with all these words is Agro and Eco tourism is supposed to be an alternative way of earning money for the locals. The money given by eco-tourist is supposed to supplement the locals family income so they stop doing ecologically damaging things like slash and burn farming, dynamite fishing and other fun things.

If I do not hear the words alternative or help the local stop this or that, then I more or less know I am being green washed as normal. SNAFU Eco Tourism.

Koh Chang Agro-Tourism is probably a way to attract a few tourist like me to the Island of Koh Chang… If I knew it existed before I went, I did not, so I guess what attracted me was it is the closest Island by boat I could fine while in Ranong, Thailand on a Visa Run on first trip to Ranong many moons ago.

Nonetheless, I think Koh Chang is a great Island for the curious about the planet people. I eat Cashews, I love Cashews, and I would like to understand how Cashews are grown. It baffles me when people do not want to learn about food they eat.

NOTE: MARCH or APRIL is the months to go visit Koh Chang if you want to see Cashew Apples or the nut growing on the tree, and maybe being harvested.

From the great sidewalk that wanders around the Island of Koh Chang you can see many Cashew Trees, Rubber Trees, Coconuts, Bananas, Bamboo and a few other plants used by the world. They say Herbs, but I saw no Herbs, however the other words can be seen easily. There is tons of Rubber Trees and if you want to see them collect and make into rubber mats so send to the mainland this is the place.

This is a map of the Agro-Tourist path.

This is an example of how they collect rubber in a coconut shell.

Rubber Trees

Rubber Trees

Rubber Tree

This is Cashew Trees, a person needs to come in March and April to see the actual Cashew Apple or Nuts on the trees.

Bananas are a staple of the Thai diet.

Coconut Trees

Bamboo growing along side the walk way.

The boat come to the South of the Island during high season and drops people off, the farther you are located from the mouth of the river, the more you are resort trapped.

Koh Chang Island Ranong Thailand

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