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Hotel Videos

2007-11-12 22:39:00

Hotel Videos
Too much information, the future is here. Yippee.
Movies about Hotels, do I need this much information.
I hear complaints about advertisements. I hear complaints about my blog post, they says something like,
- There is too much. -

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Andy of ---

I 100 percent agree, I post too much and for sure, a person should not read them, I try to best to put titles so you can skip. The truth is this, a person, who wants what you are selling or talking about never wants you to stop. There is too much, this translated mean, I am bored, or not interested.

A guidebook has paper; it cost more money to print a bigger book.

A newspaper is paper; it cost more money to print a bigger newspaper.

The TV is per minute or second, advertisers pay by seconds for TV ads.

The future is here

I used to sell people homes, when showing home, the moment I saw any reluctance, I would say,
- Lets go and look at a different home. -

Sales people try to convince people to buy junk.
Why, I am clueless unless they only have one piece of junk.

Had a chat conversation with boy genius in India, a person-to-person conversation with a human. There is this paper mentality. Like somehow a webpage pays for paper. The cost for me to host a page of photos is at most about 1 penny per year. The cost is the time it takes to type words.

Therefore, the future of advertising will be more of a graduated growth.

Small taste, then a little more.
Another small taste, do you still want more?
Taste this, well you like our hotel, so go and see the movie.

One feature I know must be included in any Hotel site is a way for owners of hotels to post videos about their Hotel. I think this is a great way for too-smart-and-clever travelers to live for free in Hotel also…

Me and boy genius are working on a box, a place to put the TV on the page, we are also working to put Business Cards. We need to find the right corner in the taste section, then allow a person go eat the how bag.

I thought about this, I was searching in for the future of hotels. I see some Israeli swimming pools, Hotels, etc, and thought, hmm.. Israeli characters, swimming pools. Israeli girls in Bikinis, this is my type of video.

A well-made video does not need to be in English, this is the future, to understand that we can talk with photos or videos to people. Chinese people do not understand words, but a video.. Hook them with some words, and then show them the video.

Now, my complaint, more of bikinis please, Tel Aviv Beach is a target rich environment.

This is an example of the future of hotels, if you want, you will be able to see the longer and longer versions, because when you want something you want more, not less.

Ok, this is the cognitive dissonance, dysfunctional hook to the max method of advertising, talking about Israeli girls… ok.

Koh Pha Ngan the next thread… Beach… Search on Hobo.

Hotel Videos