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Deactivating my NoFollow Links

2007-11-11 17:29:00

Deactivating my NoFollow Links
I was horrified, amazed, and angry to discover automatically makes all links in the comments of this blog, my blog, NoFollow links.

ALL comments…
I hope all links put in comment are follow links now in this blog

Yep, let us..
Throw the baby out in the bath water.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Monday, November 12, 2007
Andy of ---

I was asked by this guy Igor to post a Follow Link, or not make a NoFollow link and give a site he seems to work for juice.

My first thought, when I learned what this was,
- Why in the world would I put a link on my site if I did not give it juice? - What an extremely selfish and controlling thing to do! This is the secret to the internet, make the small guy succeed and you succeed. (Google allows all, Yahoo made too many rules, they lose.)

Then in their efforts to stop the spammer, they also stop the good people from getting juice in my comments. Ok, I will learn how to stop the spammers, and allow the Mom and Pop sites of the world to post without having to be high powered techies.

If I make it easy for everyone, I can learn how to stop the crazy spammers. What happens in the world is this, the best site are often thrown out of the game for a technical problem, they do not know much about the internet, therefore they are penalized. One huge and overwhelming reason I am making is because of this… the best hotels are not on Hotel sites. I want to include all, and give them a good SEO made page, even when they do not understand what I am doing.

I want a GREAT Hotel, I do not find them on the Internet.
This sucks. Sometimes I find them on Mom and Pop sites, just nice made by nice people pages.

Ok, so you want to be higher ranked, make good content… oops, as of NOW, I hope all future and past links have juice… IF not, I will go back to Boy Genius from India and get him to do this again, fix, change the code, do what we need to allow people who do not understand this post to get traffic, and rank.

I spend a lot of time trying to help my friends, then learn it does not work? The internet should not require a rocket scientist to use.

Deactivating my NoFollow Links