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Bangkok Wholesale Shopping

2007-11-11 18:46:00

Bangkok Wholesale Shopping
In an AC Taxi, cheaper than Tuk Tuks in Bangkok, returning from the HP computer doctor, I saw this from the taxi window.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Monday, November 12, 2007
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

Full stop, go direct to go, collect 200 dollar. Eureka, I have found it!

I stopped the Taxi, jumped out and jump for joy. I had found the small nylon strap I wanted, I have been trying to put an eye on this strap for months if not years. I have a hammock, I have the big fat strap kind, normally sold on Khao San Road, doubles as my blanket hammock, but, the nylon strap is huge, I want an oversized nylon shoestring big enough to use for a clothesline, but small enough to pack. I found it here.

My Thailand friend, a girl that actually can speak English tells me, this is where she used to go with here mother to buy cheap shirts. She says it is a wholesale market. Her mother had to buy 10 shirts.

Anything for a buck world… I have yet to go to a Wholesale market where they would not sell one item, yes, they do not want to sell one, but in my world travels they all sell one. A real wholesale market is a miserable place to be, but full of great bargains. Nobody speaks English, the food is local, there are no tours and the venders are not pushy, they do not care if you buy, they just want to sell.

I went to JJ Market, I have no memory, and I remember only a beggar crawling around on the floor, other than that. I cannot remember any reason to return. As Robert says about a Mall,
- A place full of things you do not need.-

I have not tested this business card. I will soon, this has the address of the Bobae (Maybe spelled wrong in English.) market in the Thailand language, telling a taxi in English, an address in English is about like talking to Elephants in Thailand. They will wave their trunks, allow you to get in.

They speak Elephant. To give directions to a Taxi driver best to have in Thailand language.

IF the taxi cannot read, maybe give him, I will lobby for girl taxis drivers, I have only seen about 2 in my life. Nonetheless, give him these photos, maybe it will help. My guess is less than 100 Baht Taxi, 3 US Dollars from Khao San Road or from Sukumvit in Bangkok, Thailand.

This may be the owner of the shop; he does not speak English, so who knows. However a nice guy and pointing works, and the price typed on a calculator, I am good go talk no Thai and buy.

This is more or less an Army Supply shop, full of great gadgets, however the street has many things. I can buy a luggage cart, umbrellas, nylon this, backpacks, and other hard to find, not sold in Backpack shops, but gear needed.

These are disposable ponchos, about the worst way in the world to stay dry, but works. Maybe a garbage bag is worst, however, I carry one of these in my camera backpack, it is on the bottom of the bag. Thanks the good Gods I have never needed in the last few months, but Cameras are allergic to water, and I suppose a good test of a photographers skills is to ask how they protect their camera from water.

I could take the P as the Brits say and ask some person on Khao San Road
- Excuse me sir, I can see by the 2000-dollar camera, you are a professional. Can you in your expert advice tell me how to protect your camera from water? -

I could talk days on this subject and I for sure not a professional, but I do protect a camera and computer, and probably better than most pros.

What if, this is a poncho for the what if situations in life, and if you do not think they happen, please excuse me sir, leave the resort once in your life.

Wholesale Market, maybe, all things in most of the world are about making money, the word retail, wholesale are abused, manipulated and sold down the river. I call Bangkok one of my Base Camp Cities, or stocking up cities. It is like Quito Ecuador, or Lima Peru, you can buy what you really need here.

Those of you looking for that blue propane tank, keep looking… hehehe.. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. It is for camping, not for travelers.

Bangkok Wholesale Shopping

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