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Andy a Jaded Traveler

2007-11-29 20:23:00

Andy a Jaded Traveler
I have been warned, everyone wants me to know,
- Andy, do not trust anyone in the Philippines. -
I believe it is possible to turn every problem into an opportunity.

Manila, Philippines - Ermita Southeast Asia
Friday, November 30, 2007
Andy of ---

I have been having a great time; some man said to me, only in the Philippines can you have in one week,

- An attempted military coup.
- A typhoon
- blah blah blah

I do not know what happened last week and on hindsight, I am curious why I was not curious. I can only derive that I am incredibly jaded. I am a little angry with myself for minimizing the importance of the attempt Coup on the Philippine government yesterday here in Manila.

I feel like a subject in an experiment, which goes like this….

Ok, we will take an American who reads 3-5 newspapers per day in the USA, watches CNN, FOX news while walking on the treadmill after work at the health center. I also woke up and watched the McLaughlin Group or maybe the Beltway Boys.

The experiment goes like this, we will take this person and not allow them to see Television or read a Newspaper for a month.

For the last 10 years I have experienced times of total news blackout, I have had times from one day to two months where I learned after the fact or never what happened on the planet in this time period.

What is my opinion about the value of the Television of Newspaper news on the planet?

Zero value

I do not miss anything of importance, my life does not change.

What is great and wonderful about not watching the Television news or reading a newspaper is I do not have any negative input into my life. Watching the Television NEWS has to be the most negative experience in my life.

I think a good movie can be the most uplifting and moving experience in my life.

I truly think my life is better when I do not see CNN or BBC, then I do not watch and feel these negative emotions.

I promise myself, I will not turn on the television and first turn to CNN and check the news; I will turn on a movie. I am positive I do not become a better person by watching the news.

I really do not want to know I cannot trust the news or people; I do want to be ignorant of problems I cannot change.

I promise myself to be jaded enough to view the news as entertainment and not as something of real value if I do learn what is happening on the planet.

Andy a Jaded Traveler