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6 Positive to 1 Negatives

2007-11-29 20:49:00

6 Positive to 1 Negatives
Divorce is when a person says six negative to one positive. It is easy to say be positive, however to give specific numbers is great. I am a very slow learner on this, however I now know that about 90 percent of negative comments do not change anything.

Manila, Philippines - Ermita Southeast Asia
Friday, November 30, 2007
Andy of ---

A couple of things I learned on the way.

A smile will break a person in two pieces, the good and the bad, I then try to pick up the good piece.

The plastic bag the store give me is polluting the planet, I can just say no about 9 in 10 times if not more.

When I open my mouth to refute or disagree, 90 percent of the time it is not helpful or constructive.

People do not know how to click off something they are not interest in, then continue to read until angry.

Philippine people like to Sing Christmas Carol in the Robinson Mall Super Market in Manila, Philippines.

People can marry for a lifetime, my parents are proof, they make me proud.

6 Positive to 1 Negatives