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Why I do not use Travel Guides

2007-10-14 18:27:00

Why I do not use Travel Guides
I am not sure, cars are the most dangerous, and for sure, food poisoning is a travel danger, however these two are hard to avoid. Nevertheless, to pay a guide to lead me stupidly into danger is not what I do. A few tourists died in Thailand in cave, today or yesterday with a flash flood. The rain is dropping suddenly like buckets in Thailand, nobody should be going into caves, but I suppose they were told, as is the world policy on danger.
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Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Monday, October 15, 2007
By Andy of HoboTraveler.com

I read the headlines; I have a nifty toy that sent this page to me. World News

The headlines read something like.. Tourist Killed in Cave

I was bombarded today with tourist in Thailand being killed in Caves in the south of Thailand. There were a couple of Thai people, as I understand, they were probably the I-Speak-50-Words-Of-English, and therefore I am a qualified guide Thais. This is the world standard for guides, not a person who knows, it is a person who speaks English. When I am on a tour I find the nerd who read everything before, and knows more than the guide to talk with, because lets us face reality, talking English is does not qualify you to go into caves or be a guide.

This is the blind leading the blind and typical stuff for guides.

This has nothing to do with Thailand, it is worldwide, there are some real dangerous tourist activities and not just dumping a bus full of people in a market to be robbed of cameras. The dangerous ones are also full of tourist who cannot evaluate danger; therefore, I guess Darwin is still in business.

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Why I do not use Travel Guides

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