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What Happened to Bamako Mali Hostel

2007-10-03 06:04:00

What Happened to Bamako Mali Hostel
Bamako, Mali, West Africa
Saturday, September 22, 2007

I am in this very modern, clean looking building, on the Niger River; it is called the Les Maison de Jeunes.

I thought the guidebook too harsh, however, the guidebook is to guide and this place is not good. I can understand why Paul Theroux uses the name Dark Star Safari for his bone book. Everywhere I go there feels to be a Dark Star hanging the city, as if something went wrong.

This Hostel at the price of 3000 per night for an air-conditioned dorm bed should be full, unless the other listings in the book are in never never land. That is also highly possible, as I think the guide writers are using travel standards that could be applied in Europe.

I am trapped in my room because if I leave the Rasta people and the aggressive men are everywhere, it is as if they imported people from the Ghettos of New York to live in this ultra modern area. I have a choice, stay trapped in my room, or find another city. Dakar is said to be worst than Bamako according to the Roughguide Guidebook.
It is SOP for me to enter a place in West Africa and everything is done wrong, they can take the best situations and muck them up. This facility is extremely ready to go, with some small changes, mosquito protection, remove the Rasta Rabble from in front, close the gate to have some security, and work must a little.

It is so tiresome to watch the staff sit in front of the Television brain-dead.

I am traveling against the grain for sure; I have no place to go, all my options are a Dark Star Safari. I will go today to Kita, a smaller village in Mali on the way to Dakar. No, yes, I just do not know what is good to do, this is not like Benin, Togo or Ghana where I could just go to small villages and find comfortably quiet spot to hang around a couple of days. It is hard to believe that West Africa could get more expensive than Togo, but it appears to be the case.

I feel like I am in the Caribbean again, no option is good, all the Hotels suck, you want to go rent a room in a resort because the locals are trailer trash with big mouth, and Rasta Rules. These Rasta want a smoke and do drugs, not work, be lazy and hit the drum guy are a waste of blood.

This just is not what I want to do, I do not want to rent a Motel room with AC so I can avoid Africa, I will just leave before I live in eat-Western-Food Pizza Head Hotels. I do not need to be here.

Morocco is about the same, or I would be going North presently,

I need a Visa to enter Guinea and I would need to stay four days in Bamako, with is tantamount to torture. The Gambia is my best option; however, as an American they want me to have a Visa. Dakar reads to be the European Asshole of Africa, this pay way too much and like it attitudes of Europeans, it is a Bourgeois thing to me, they have never had good values for anything and cannot related to life being priced at good values, then do not understand why an American complains when the Shampoo is four times the American price.

If I could get a Visa to The Gambia, I could enter these countries continue to travel east to Accra where I could fly to Singapore for about 800 US. Flying to Casablanca is to me like flying into a shitstorm, Paris would more torture, and to get to England and hang around the Barmy Badger Hotels in London seems as far away as Los Angeles.

What Happened to Bamako Mali Hostel