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The Rebel or Revel Traveler

2007-10-25 18:22:00

The Rebel or Revel Traveler
I listen generally by accident to two main categories of travelers; the one is being rebellious and tells me everything wrong about their topic of the day. Then, there is the person who is rarer, however is reveling about how great something is, although possible they are reveling about a crazy tattoo they just got.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, October 26, 2007
Andy of ---

People love a Rebel; I enjoy and admire a person who fights the good fight against real Dragons. I am annoyed when any person has more than about three major causes. I try to inspect is there any action or just them talking.

I think of my writing, I try to remember, what do I revel in, what is my passions, this is me, this is what makes me happy. If I can remember to stay in the passions of my life, what I revel in, I will not sit around complaining and being rebellious.

The need to rebellion on the planet is minimal; a peaceful democracy is spreading all over the planet. Now we have these made-for-TV causes, meant to raise donations to make NGO fat cats rich.

I want to hear people say, I have some hobby project, saving the world is a personal problem and only if I was God would I be qualified, and I know I am not God.

I will make an introspective marker, I will remember the next time my passion is raised, am I reveling or some personal problem rebel that come to the forefront.

I do forgive people under 25, then do not know who they are and are explorers.

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The Rebel or Revel Traveler