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The Presence of Asia on a Jet

2007-10-08 17:37:00

The Presence of Asia on a Jet
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This is a photo of the Kenya Airlines toilet on way to Bangkok, Thailand, if you look close you will see footprints on the toilet seat.

Culture cannot be erased, thqt is my comment on cleanliness of India doctors, or African doctors. Here is the proof in the pudding, a person has squatted on top of the toilet, they refused to adapt, and the footprints is the proof. Culture does not disappear just because you are in a modern appendage.

The same flight a Mali man spit four times on the floor of the plane.

- I am what I am, and that is all I am. -
Poppye the Sailor Man.

I wish we could erase our past, erase our culture, the truth it is imprinted on our souls with indelible ink. Do not for a second think an immigrant left home and did not bring with them their culture, they will change the new one. But their Mom will not be left behind, the person will behave as he or she did when they were young, I do not care what the textbook taught them, they will obey their culture first.

This is real, no games, no santized politically correct crapola.

The Presence of Asia on a Jet